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El Paso virus deaths up by 50% in 2 days; mayor again mandates face masks & bans gatherings

EL PASO, Texas — El Paso health officials reported three more deaths Thursday night, bringing the county's death count to seven over the past two days for a total of 21 fatalities.

With deaths increasing by 50% over the past 48 hours, city/county officials issued a new order mandating that everyone wear face masks while out in public. That directive comes as the state of Texas prepares to allow restaurants and retailers to open Friday with reduced capacity.

The city and county of El Paso also banned gatherings of any kind, saying the current spike in deaths is believed to be tied to mass gatherings that took place during the Easter weekend.

“We are disappointed to report another three deaths due to Covid-19, and our hearts go out to their families," said Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the City/County Health Authority, who identified the latest deceased victims as a man in his 50s and two women in their 80s and 90s respectively.

"The deaths we have seen are mostly made up of the most vulnerable and there is a strong correlation between the Easter break and the spike in positive cases,” the county's top doctor added.

Indeed, new virus cases jumped by 37, bringing the total close to the 1,000 milestone. Of the 924 infections to date, officials said 397 people had recovered, leaving 506 active cases among El Pasoans.

There were 53 virus patients hospitalized on Thursday night, and over half of those hospitalized - namely 31 - were in intensive care.

Mayor Dee Margo and County Judge Ricardo Samaniego, citing "the ongoing upward trend in positive cases" issued new emergency orders that make face coverings mandatory once again and also "prohibit all public and private social gatherings of any number of people occurring outside or inside a single household or dwelling unit."

Dr. Ocaranza pleaded with El Pasoans to abide by the orders to save lives.

“Mother’s Day is just around the corner. We want to remind everyone that gatherings with anyone who is not in your immediate household means that you are placing your loved ones—your mothers and grandmothers—at risk of contracting the virus," he said. "We need everyone to please take this serious and take care of each other.”

Below is a summary of the emergency directive that requires face coverings:

  • All individuals over the age of two (2), are required to wear some form of face covering over their nose and mouth, while outside of their home or residence.A face covering may include cloth masks such as bandanas, scarves and neck gaiters that fit snugly but comfortable against the face secured with ties or ear loops.
  • Parents and guardians of children over the age of two (2) and under the age of ten (10) shall be responsible for appropriately masking children when outside their residence.
  • A face covering is not required on anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or exercising outdoors and not within 6 feet of any other individual not from the same household.
  • Wearing a face covering is not a substitute for maintaining 6-feet social distancing and hand-washing, as these remain important steps to slowing the spread of the virus.
  • The entire directive will be posted at under “Health Orders.”

Below is the latest coronavirus case locator map and other demographic information on the virus outbreak as provided by the health department.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. The city and county need to see that the mask and gatering orders are enforced this time. There was no enforcement during the last order. Make stores like Walmart liable for heavy fines if they allow people in their stores without masks.

    1. They better not. I have a right to leave my house without a mask. We DO NOT LIVE IN A POLICE STATE. The Governor already made it clear. Besides, there is not an upward trend. We went from several days of 50+ cases back down to 20 – 30. That is not a trend. Many experts who are being blocked by Twitter and Facebook have stated these stay at home orders are actually making our immune systems WEAKER. These doctors are going against the liberal narrative and are being silenced. It’s no different than the Climate Scientists who say there is no “Climate Change” crisis. They are being silenced as well. Follow the money and don’t buy into the fear mongering.

      1. What is Wrong With you? Do do you not understand how dangerous this new virus is? It’s already mutating and you’re pretending it’s nothing I’m just surprised how arrogant you are because this virus is not like the flu it can kill you, it has already killed somebody without underlying health conditions in ELPaso, and that’s never a good thing.

      2. Do you know how many people died from poverty and starvation as a result of the Great Depression? We are at Great Depression levels of unemployment right now. We are about to face food shortages. More people will die from the cure than the cause if this continues. Why is that soooooo hard for you liberals to understand? Our country cannot sustain this type of lock-down. More people will die as a result.

        1. Sadly, the Original gaga is partially right. The longer this goes on the worse the situation is going to get. If we don’t do exactly what the medical experts say it will last much longer and further devastate the economy. We have to test and track and stay at home and wear masks when we go out. Iys the only way it will end.

      3. There are no credible scientists denying climate change. In fact even the orange buffoon finally admitted the scientists were right. Ask cotton farmers around Lubbock who are losing there farms because of climate change. They were denyers at one time. Ask real estate owners in Miami Beach whose million dollar residential lots are now worthless due to rising sea levels.

    2. I expect the Texas AG and the US AG to file suit against El Paso, for violation of the first amendment to the tune of 500 million.

      “Constitution of United States of America 1789”
      Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

      1. Best not to let a good crisis go to waste following the libtards. While we are at it go after the city for not removing the obsolete and illegal red light camera signs at the 22 intersections. Hello KVIA Shelby are you listening?

      1. The mask could be enforced with our inept Governor issuing an order. However, according to Texas law the gathering is enforceable if it is to protect public health and the Governor cannot overrode local jurisdictions.

        1. Nope. The EPPD is not really enforcing wearing masks. I saw an EPPD motorcycle cop drive by two ladies waiting for the bus on Yarbrough on the eastside. Neither had masks on. BTW – Your mask is on upside down moron.

          1. The governor stated yesterday, that there could be no arrests or fines for not wearing them.

  2. I really believe we as a world have done everything we can to fight this situation. Consider how most of the population has stopped socializing, stopped working to the point that millions will fall into poverty and destitute, masks, distancing and so on. I’ll keep following the guidelines and have no problems doing so but really, what more can really be done.

  3. US Government Confirms Videos of unexplainable aerial phenomena taken by US Navy Pilots are Authentic!
    *Germs Killed the tripods!* Have the tables now been turned?
    Did the aliens bring the Corona?
    Were the Chinese trying to kill the aliens with tests that got out of hand?
    Yeah, Crazy huh?
    But 6 months ago you would of called Now “Crazy”!

  4. What you sheeple fail to understand is that no mayor can just make up law’s. Those things are a process and not so easy. Second it’s up to the retailer whether or they want to let people in without masks. Then it’s up to YOU the risk you want to take, if it looks unsafe don’t go in.

    1. I will be keeping a brand new Louisville Slugger I bought at Academy for those I catch out without a mask. The city and county cannot enforce it so I will when I spot one of these ignorant and dangerous morons.

    1. Since there are no monetary damages the only reward would be injunctive relief. However it appears that under Texas law the Mayor is well within his rights to issue orders to protect the public health. You might want to go to a law library and check out the Vernon’s Annotated Civil Statutes and go to the Government Code and do some reading. From your posts it is evident that you aren’t the brightest bulb in the string, but you should do yourself a favor and quit just spouting out unsupported info.

  5. The Governor, and State Attorney General have already clearly stated that no one can be arrested or fined for not wearing a mask. As far as banning peaceful assembly, that is in direct violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Where is the ACLU? They are supposedly all about “civil liberties”, but we all know, that it is merely a cover for their leftist agenda.

    1. You are half correct for once. The mask order cannot be enforced so me and my bat will do that when a moron presents himself around town. However the gathering order can be enforced according to the Government Code. Your knowledge or lack thereof about the ACLU is astounding. I guess you weren’t aware that they sued a local government for a bunch of Nazi filth a few years back when they wanted to get a parade permit.

  6. This City Council and Mayor have already headed Hell Paso into bankruptcy, and we will soon be driving around on dirt roads but will have $100,000,000 trolly parked at an empty golf course and higher property taxes for the empty Arena as the quality of life continues a downward spiral

    1. The KVIA trolls are in a fighting mood, online of course. They are talking all gangster from the safety of their computers lol. These are grownups who cry maga=gaga…whah) over everything. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

  7. This Virus Spreads by Droplets and Aerosols, its only a matter of Time before the Virus Mutates again God Help us all if it does. Unfortunately this virus has has killed somebody without any underlying health conditions when that happens you know that the virus has begun to mutate and beginning to be even more deadly than before, in NYC it started to kill people without any health conditions. And now that it started to happen here it’s going to get worse if we don’t practice social distancing, and wearing a mask to prevent the spread.

      1. Stay at home wearamask. Hide in your closet. Go watch netflix if your afraid. You decide how to keep safe. But don’t pretend you give a damn about other people. Wear a mask or not wear a mask is up to the free citizen. Can not be mandated by a two bit mayor or scared people. No brown shirt hoods going around with bats will keep Americans off the streets. I am more susceptible to this decease than most people. I will wear a mask when going to stores. Its my choice. Not anyone else. No one has any authority to dictate how I should live. Live Free or Die.

  8. Tsk,tsk,tsk, Nodavid. Are we having a tantrum again. Go to your room young man. No wait, I have a better idea. You and your No Mask Believers can take a plane to Indiana, find the nearest Tyson Meat Plant and go inside without a mask. Watch for flying sharp objects thrown at you by the Plant workers.

    1. Ux2 I have a better idea. Why don’t you kiss my arse with a mask or you can eat sh*t to fit your nazi brown shirt and die. You slave owners can’t stand it when free Americans don’t follow your idiotic presumptions of freedom.

  9. This bump had to have been expected. The mayor knew that these people were going to have big family gathering on Easter, no matter what he told them not to do. Here it is a couple of weeks later, and now grandma, grandpa, uncle and aunt got it from their self-centered children. Duh!

  10. When this is over, the voters need to remember which politicians abused their power. Which city council members, mayors and governors signed executive orders that either broke existing laws or violated the U.S, Constitution and vote them out.

  11. Only an idiot will not see that the active cases are going down, not up. Unfortunately, some people will die. However, most of these people have been sick for weeks. They are the vulnerable people that need to stay home. We were close to 600 active cases not long ago, now we are almost down to 500. Most have recovered and most will. If you are vulnerable or are scared stay home, but let the rest of us live. I have a 99.9% more chance of dying in a car accident on my way to the store than by the corona that I may or may not catch at the store.

  12. Hey great news. I just heard a sound bite from Barack “Yo Mama” Obama. He was going on and on about how the economic recovery will be long and slow if ever. That means the exact opposite will happen. That dude could balance his check book. This from the guy who stated the “Millions of factory jobs will never come back”. We are on our way to recovery!!

    1. Hey Grandma maga. The only recovery we’ll see is when some guys in white with large butterfly nets come looking for you. “Obama yo mama?” Junior High School humor anyone? Let’s see: Obama=Harvard Professor. Trump=Daddy’s boy inherited everything he’s ever had. Trump=Drink Bleach, it’s good for you. Trump=Porn Star groupie. Poor misinformed grandma.

      1. American hating Socialist Nazi’s like you don’t want us to recover. You’d rather us be on lock down for the next year until we are all broke and completely dependent on the government. You all hate Trump more than you love America.

        1. We don’t hate Trump. We just realize that he is not fit for office or capable of being the President. Most Americans see that now.

          1. Absolutely not true. Not only is he fit for office he’s doing a hell of a job. Leftist do HATE him. They hate that he’s an outsider who messed up their plan. Trust me its hate. I’ve lost so-called friends who couldn’t deal with the fact that I would not turn on Trump. People in DC are willing to destroy the lives of good people in order to bring Trump down. That’s hatred.

    2. Sadly, Obama was correct. We did lose millions of jobs that never came back, but people found other work thanks to George W. Bush and Barack Obama saving the country back in 2009.

      1. Thank you for that deep belly laugh. I really needed that. Obama wasn’t right about anything and set this country back 20 years. Trump restored it in 3 years. Trump has done it even up against hoax investigations, non-stop harassment and deep state under mining EVERY SINGE DAY. It’s actually truly amazing.

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