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3 new virus deaths, 65 more cases as El Paso sees 60% spike in 2 weeks; County judge, governor talk

EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso's coronavirus surge continued Tuesday night as the Department of Public Health reported three new deaths and 65 more cases.

The announcements brought the county's death count to 36 and raised the total number of confirmed cases to 1,413. One of those new cases reported was that of an employee at L&F Distributors, the local supplier of Budweiser.

El Paso’s cases have climbed more than 60% over the past two weeks, according to the Associated Press.

“Our community is once again seeing a considerable increase in positive Covid-19 cases," said City/County Health Authority said Dr. Hector Ocaranza, who added he was once again "heartbroken" at the rising death toll.

The trio of latest victims were two men in their 60s and a woman in her 90s, Ocaranza said.

El Paso County's high hospitalization rate - which has stayed virtually unchanged in days - also remained a factor Tuesday night, with 80 people hospitalized due to the virus and half of those (40) listed in intensive care. Ventilators were required for 17 of those patients, officials said.

With an estimated 13,300 tests performed to date, that means roughly 11% of those El Pasoans being tested are coming back positive, which is higher than the state of Texas' average of around 8%.

As a result, County Judge Ricardo Samaniego asked Gov. Greg Abbott to delay more re-openings in the community amid worries over rising caseloads.

Samaniego sent a letter asking the governor to keep current restrictions in place around El Paso until numbers improve. A spokesman for Abbott did not return a message from the Associated Press seeking comment about the letter.

Samaniego told ABC-7 that he also spoke with the governor on Tuesday, but he declined to elaborate on what was said during that conversation. He said he would be issuing a news release on Wednesday.

The judge did, however, offer this:

"I think we really need to understand the seriousness of opening prematurely and I don’t think we’ve been able to express that clearly. There is a tremendous amount of seriousness we need to look at if we open prematurely. I don’t think anyone here in the community can clearly say that it’s an optimal time/opportunity to open businesses at this point in time -- because it isn’t. Do we want to be dealing with it in September or do we want to be in and out of this situation in July? That’s the question. I don’t have the numbers to tell you with confidence that it’s a timely opportunity to follow the governor’s order."

Below is the latest coronavirus case locator map and other demographic information on the virus outbreak as provided by the health department.

The map shows the amount of positive cases by zip codes, with the number of cases in red dots: 79821 (4), 79835 (43), 79836 (10), 79838 (14), 79849 (25), 79853 (24), 79901 (15), 79902 (18), 79903 (46), 79904 (42), 79905 (60), 79907 (76), 79911 (8), 79912 (102), 79915 (64), 79922 (7), 79924 (72), 79925 (58), 79927 (80), 79928 (100), 79930 (43), 79932 (57), 79934 (32), 79935 (32), 79936 (179), 79938 (202).

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Did you ever think that our higher percentage might stem from our closeness to a major Mexican city? That and comparing a metropolitan area of 1M to a largely rural area of 29M is like the proverbial comparison of apples to oranges! Slanted fake news.

    1. Plus the fact that we have thousands of people from a third world country utilizing our county hospital facilities for free. They are most definitely contributing to our numbers

        1. How do you know? But Mexicans COVUD-19 patients are in El Paso hospitals. Non fake news local media outlets have already reported that of the hospitalizations a percentage are from Mexico but they are not included in the El Paso County COVID-19 cases but on Juarez’s. Whether it’s for free is possible especially if these are at UMC.

  2. ‘two men in their 60s and a woman in her 90s’
    This continues to be the pattern. This group needs to own the responsibility of staying quarantined and they are not.

  3. Holy crap over 1400 Cases in ELPaso just wow, also a 60% increase of Covid 19 cases in our county all because people don’t listen to the CDC guidelines and social distance and from what I understood people are still gathering at houses and scientist have proven once again being outside without a mask is not a good idea because the virus can spread faster outside, so it doesn’t matter if you’re outside you can still catch it regardless. Looks like we might have to shutdown again because of the reckless reopening and with the second wave of coronavirus on the horizon deadlier than the last one well let’s just say it’s not going to be pretty for all ELPaso

  4. Time to form a committee to oust Governor Gregg Abbott, the man clearly does not care about people, its all about his Benjamin’s. Lets make sure Abbott doesn’t have a job next election year. But lets face it with his blunder in El Paso he probably run for President and win. The Electoral College has a habit of rewarding stupidity.

  5. Here’s from the Texas Tribune for all those people that believe Abbott is not biased in his decision for opening Texas this is the headline ‘Gov. Greg Abbott’s task force to reopen the economy is packed with top business leaders — and donors” LOOK IT UP PEOPLE THIS GUY ABBOTT DOES NOT DESERVE HIS JOB, HE IS GOING TO HURT PEOPLE JUST TO PLEASE HIS DONORS AND BUSINESS BUDDIES. Do you think all those business owners are at work risking their lives? NO! they are at home waiting for the cash to start flowing in again for Jr.s college payment, and of course his new Ferrari that was promised to him if he makes straight A’s. come on lets wise up he does deserve re-election ever.

  6. The total number of cases isn’t important to me. It’s what happens when the cases have run its course. So far, 757 cases have run its course. Of those, 39 have died. That’s a 5% mortality rate, obviously the majority of those with underlying conditions. We need to open up sooner or later, but if you’re not for somehow protecting the vulnerable, you’re not human, much less an American. Probably closer to being Iranian or Russian.

  7. Oh Jim Parker you are a sneaky little hack. A 60% increase in three days, percent of what, total cases, etc….. You love pouring out scary numbers and percentages that are not even correct or true but you successfully confuse the idiotas……..hack

  8. So our the party kommissar Samaniego wants to keep us locked down. Yet travel to and from Juarez is still allowed. Hmm, yeah, that makes sense.

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