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2 more El Paso virus deaths raise toll to 45, along with 48 new cases – including some in a nursing home

A map showing El Paso's 1,655 virus cases. Scroll down to the end of this article to view a better version of this map.

EL PASO, Texas -- Both the death toll and the caseload from the coronavirus continued to grow in El Paso on Friday night, as public health officials touted increased testing capacity.

There were two additional deaths for the virus over the past day, bringing the total number of fatalities to 45. Officials said the latest victims were both women in their 70s.

There were also another 48 confirmed virus cases reported, taking the county's total to date to 1,655. Of those, 819 had recovered, leaving 791 active cases within the county.

Some of the latest cases in El Paso have occurred at Mountain View Health & Rehabilitation, a nursing care facility at 1600 Murchison Road.

"We have had persons associated with our facility test positive for Covid-19. We are working closely with the local heath authority, to determine the full spread of the outbreak," Mountain View said in a statement, although it did not specify how many confirmed cases there were.

Give the vulnerability of the elderly population, El Paso Fire Department officials said they were moving swiftly to carry out an order by Texas' governor to test all residents and staff at the more than 20 licensed nursing homes within El Paso.

Health leaders continued to attribute some of the new cases reported Friday to an increase in testing, citing more than 2,200 tests conducted in the past two days at testing facilities around the county.

In addition, officials had previously announced an extension of free virus testing within the county for another week.  Anyone with or without symptoms can sign up for an appointment to get tested until Saturday, May 23. Details on the testing offered can be found by clicking here.

Below is the latest El Paso coronavirus case locator map and other demographic information on the virus outbreak as provided by the health department.

The map shows the amount of positive cases by zip codes, with the number of cases in red dots: 79821 (6), 79835 (48), 79836 (10), 79838 (18), 79849 (38), 79853 (27), 79901 (21), 79902 (34), 79903 (54), 79904 (51), 79905 (65), 79907 (91), 79911 (11), 79912 (116), 79915 (76), 79922 (9), 79924 (88), 79925 (71), 79927 (91), 79928 (120), 79930 (54), 79932 (62), 79934 (36), 79935 (34), 79936 (200), 79938 (224).

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. this tv station said a couple of days ago, 58 deaths now it says 48 days what this means a “reversal of deaths”. This is one more example of how the news organizations promote the coronavirus. According to the Seattle Times:”ABC news is paid by Bill Gates to cover the global health news”, this inferes that ABC and other news organizations are paid by Bill Gates to promote his pandemic agenda.

      1. Let me explain this fact to you markturner. The tech kings want control of you. The more they have your mind the more they sell to you. Is it that difficult to understand? The dems cry, feed the hungry then put in their bill feed the arts? Can you tell me why you would feed the arts when you have this country locked downed in fear that need to be fed? Rest home residents dying in bunches at a time? 33 million people out of work? Where are the dems going to get the money to rescue all of them? Ain’t happening.
        US needs to go back to work and the hell with the dems stupid ideology.

  2. Something is wrong with the reporting of virus deaths here. Colorado just admitted that they had been counting deaths due to the virus but amended the count after they realized that people that died had other causes of death and not the virus. How are they doing it here? Everybody is counted as having died from the virus?

      1. They are not doing it. They are bunching all deaths as virus, even if they die from other reasons. That is nation wide. Its become political. Not life saving.

        1. The Democraps are clearly still after President Trump. Russian collusion failed. The impeachment failed. Delusional liberal thought is maybe the virus will bring him down. The problem is the election is too far away. The COVID-19 will not last forever. President Trump will come out smelling like a rose.

    1. It was recently reported that a guy had an alcohol blood content level of .55. He died. he was reported as a COVID-19 death. Plenty of anecdotal info on that.

      1. Like the NCIS meme: Gibbs: “Well Ducky, what’s the cause of death?” Ducky: “Let’s see, 6 gunshot wounds, 7 stab wounds, and he’s been garroted. Definitely, COVID-19 Jethro!”

  3. Things are opening at a good rate now, even gyms on the 18th. 60 and over (like the 2 deaths in this article) and especially with underlying issue SHOULD take extra precaution and responsibility for their own isolation. Government(s) should be preaching this more than publicly telling us that everybody should be isolating. People are out and about more everyday now its not a general thing anymore. People will be exposed to the virus more now, that’s a given and not necessarily a bad thing but the deaths certainly are.

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