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Death from virus reported for 5th straight day in El Paso, setting pandemic milestone


EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso Department of Public Health reported one new coronavirus death on Saturday night, bringing the county's death toll to 46 as the number of infections surpassed 1,700.

It marked the fifth-straight day of virus deaths being reported by health leaders, which is the longest streak of the pandemic.

The latest fatality was a man in his 40s, officials indicated, making him one of the youngest victims in the county to die from Covid-19. The man was one of only three El Pasoans that young who have died to date.

No one below age 40 has succumbed to the virus and the bulk of local deaths have come from those in their 60s and 70s. It contrasts, however, to the virus infection rates - which so far have numbered highest among those in their 20s and 30s, according to health department data.

El Paso continued to see significant double-digit growth in new cases for yet another day Saturday. There were 71 additional infections reported, bringing the county’s total number of confirmed cases to 1,726.

The hospitalization rate remained largely the same as it had for much of the week. On Saturday night, there were 78 people hospitalized due to the virus with a little more than half of those patients, 41, in intensive care and 17 on ventilators.

Health officials on Saturday night also pointed out that only El Pasoans are included in the county's official death and caseload counts.

"Not counted in El Paso’s cases are 44 positive cases of individuals from other communities outside of the county, who have been tested and/or treated in El Paso," said a statement from the El Paso health department.

That statement went on to note that "of those numbers 25 are residents of Chihuahua, Mexico; 17 are New Mexico residents; and two are Texas residents who are not El Paso County residents. Of the 44 cases, two males from Chihuahua (one in his 50s and another in his 80s) passed away."

Below is the latest El Paso coronavirus case locator map and other demographic information on the virus outbreak as provided by the health department.

The map shows the amount of positive cases by zip codes, with the number of cases in red dots: 79821 (7), 79835 (53), 79836 (12), 79838 (18), 79849 (38), 79853 (27), 79901 (21), 79902 (36), 79903 (54), 79904 (52), 79905 (69), 79907 (94), 79911 (11), 79912 (118), 79915 (77), 79922 (10), 79924 (102), 79925 (74), 79927 (97), 79928 (127), 79930 (55), 79932 (63), 79934 (37), 79935 (36), 79936 (205), 79938 (223).

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Mortality rate has dropped to 4.95% after days at 5% or more. A good sign. I’m all for opening up things but stop acting like your freedom is greater that a vulnerable person’s life. Meaning: go out and support businesses but don’t visit or have contact with the elderly. You can wear your MAGA hat but don’t visit grandma right after a rally.

      1. Steve on Resler says: “That’s because you don’t believe in science and don’t care if they die.”

        Trust Dr Fauci? The same quack that said continue doing Tinder hookups? That is was ok to go on cruises, go to movie theaters and gyms? Claimed millions of Americans would die of the COVID-19 by now. Good laugh.

    1. The original caca. Who cares what you wore today insignificant moron. I wore a Mexican hat today when I went to visit mommy. AND? Lol. You loser feedback monger. Idiot.

    2. Steve on Resler spreading fake news again with real sarcasm. Your favorite bar still closed? I seriously doubt it’s Trump supporters wearing MAGA hats visiting grandma causing the uptick and deaths in COVID-19 cases. Recall El Paso went for Communist Bernie during the primary along with crazy Joe Biden a close second. Meaning they wear Bernie or Biden hats. Place blame where it is rightfully due. BTW – You should just stay at home.

  2. First, people are going to die. It’s an illness. We all take changes everyday. Starting with when we get behind the wheel. It’s a crap shoot out there. Only the strong survive. Second, who gives a flip about “residents of Chihuahua”? The border should have been shut down months ago. I only care about AMERICA!!!!!

    1. Diseases aren’t like driving. You have choices when you drive. And, unless you’re a fucking idiot, you’d realize El Paso is a port city, meaning what happens there matters here and vice versa. Cripes, take an economics class. Or look at a fucking map. Why do you think Trump redid the treaty with Mexico rather than trashing it? It’s because he knows that international trade is a huge part of the economy. Cripes, you’re a fucking moron.

    1. I’ve only seen one person without a mask and that was yesterday at a Family Dollar. They wouldn’t let him in without one. Amazingly this guy was so stupid that he really didn’t understand why. He didn’t look like voting would be important to him but I’d be willing to bet he would vote for the orange buffoon.

        1. I don’t know who he voted for but he looked like a supporter of the orange buffoon because he didn’t have a mask on and couldn’t understand why he needed one. He, like most orange buffoon supporters don’t accept the science oof the pandemic. Most Bernie and Joe supporters tend to accept the science.

  3. Look people. Trump followers do whatever Trump does. Trump hates wearing a face mask, his followers follow suit. If trump starts walking on all fours to get rid of Covid they will do as he does, no questions asked. By now the Virus has been 100% politicized. Republicans say: No masks because the virus is just another way people are dying other than Cancer, accidents, the Flu, etc, so let Nature runs its course. But if you have your eyes open wide you can see that all of the aforementioned diseases and accidents did not cause a total shutdown of the American economy and 85K deaths in less than two months. In the end politics won’t save anyone from this virus regardless of whether you are Republican or Democrat. Don’t listen to politics, listen to Science instead.

  4. The coronavirus is well contained considering the U.S. population is over 330 million people. We are opening back up for good reasons. According to the science/medical experts over 2 million Americans were supposed to be dead of the virus by now. If a Democrat was President that wanted to re-open the economy you would be down on all fours with your tail wagging supporting him. The Democrats/Liberals in this country made the virus a political issue since Russian collusion and the impeachment failed. When the dust settles President Trump will come out smelling like a rose and get reelected.

          1. And a real anomaly in our history. Usually we elect someone who is capable of doing the job be he republican or democrat. This time we screwed up and put someone in who is not capable and who is unfit.

    1. Its the same town, same people, and same need for strength and compassion. Hang in their Juaritos! From an old white gringo who was raised to love, respect, and care about his neighbors.

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