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El Paso virus cases top 2,300 with 75 new infections; added cases outpace recoveries


EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso County ended a three-day streak of triple-digit increases in new virus cases Sunday, reporting 75 additional infections to put the case total above 2,300.

With confirmed cases now at 2,340, the death count held steady at 58 on Sunday.

Hospitalizations were down a bit to 109 patients, but well over half of those hospitalized (61) were listed in intensive care. And roughly a third of those in the ICU (20) required ventilators.

As of Sunday, there were 1,045 people with active virus cases, while 1,237 people who had the virus were now considered recovered.

The number of new cases at 75 was more than double the 29 added to the recovery list over the past day; this trend of new cases outpacing recoveries has been prevalent in recent weeks - which some attribute to increased testing.

Since the start of expanded testing two weeks ago as a result of a virus surge team sent to El Paso by the governor, there have been 1,000 additional positive cases compared with 552 recoveries - nearly a two-to-one margin. In that same period, El Paso has also pushed above 1,000 active cases for the first time.

During the past two weeks the death toll has almost doubled too, growing from 32 to 58.

The El Paso Department of Public Health's latest virus data can be found here.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Maybe we will peak by June 1. We need to get this over with so everything can be re-opened. Only way to do it is by social distancing and the wearing of masks along with the avoidance of large gatherings. We have three new hopes for a vaccine coming from here in the US, the UK, and China. Lets just continue doing the right until a vaccine appears.

  2. Peak by June 1? I doubt it. That’s only 7 days from now. So now you are for re-opening? That’s a twist. Don’t forget the after effects of Memorial Day weekend if what the City Health Department says holds true. BTW – You think you can possibly get the COVID-19 from small gatherings not just large?

    1. Everybody is and has been for re-opening. If you could let go of your desire to spread hate and mis-information and just pay attention to the facts, you would know this.

        1. Hopefully my criticism of Abbott’s plan won’t bear out. He, unlike the orange buffoon, is trying to meld the opening plans with advice from the doctors and scientists. We may just bite the bullet. Sadly, the orange buffoon still thinks that science is some sort of communist voodoo. Of course he has not a clue as to what communism or socialism is.

          1. Have you done that Vulcan mind meld with Mr. Spock yet? Thanks for agreeing you are a flip flopper. Undisputed.

  3. Just got the results of my covid-19 testing I did on 5/20. I was negative on that date. Big relief but I could get it tomorrow going to Walmart.

    1. Unless you have been exposed to a known COVID-19 carrier, have the symptoms or tracked down by a virus tracer from the health department you just proved getting tested is an exercise in futility and waste of time. The big bad Orange Man could have told you that. BTW – In the latest cluster data report Walmart is not in the list. Nonetheless just stay home since you do not agree with the re-opening. But oh wait……. the liberals in Austin are out partying big time at the bars so it must be safe now. Viva La Re-opening!

        1. Uuuh…Mr.Turner, Walmart has Curbside Pick Up! A Lot of stores do Curbside Pickup! You can schedule Old Farts Special time 7am-8am, 7 days a week. But if you want Lysol or Clorox you will have to go inside! Wipe down or ditch packaging before you take into you pad!
          Good Luck from a Mask Wearing President Trump Voter……

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