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El Paso orders businesses to require customers to wear face masks

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo wears a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic.

EL PASO, Texas — El Paso City and County officials issued a directive Thursday night mandating that businesses require all customers as well as employees to wear face masks to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The face mask requirement will take effect come 12:01 a.m. on Monday and business that don't comply can be fined up to $500 for each violation.

The directive comes one day after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would allow local authorities to adopt and enforce health policies for businesses that include face-covering requirements.

“The amended local directive to include the face covering requirement will ensure the safety of our community members,” said Mayor Dee Margo in a statement. "Health officials report that a face covering, that protects the nose and mouth, can help slow the spread of the virus."

The mayor indicated he also felt face masks were necessary given that infected persons with little to no symptoms can spread the virus to others who may become seriously ill.

Margo explained that the face mask requirement ensures El Paso can "continue re-opening our economy in a judicious and proactive manner, while balancing public health and our economy."

Officials said the following key elements were included in the new directive:

  • All businesses must require employees, including volunteers, to have a face covering when either in an area or performing an activity where six feet of separation from others is not feasible.
  • All businesses must require visitors, to include customers, contractors and vendors, to wear face coverings while on the business’s premises.
  • Gyms and exercise establishments must require all individuals inside of the business establishment to wear a face covering at all times except for when an individual is actively engaging in exercise.

The full details contained in the face mask order are posted below.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



      1. Margo barely won last time. He has alienated the local republican party. He won’t get re-elected. If he runs, I simply will not vote for the Mayor position.

          1. Locals here think the democrat party is blue dogs. They don’t realize there is no such thing anymore. They have morphed into a socialist party

  1. How are businesses supposed to enforce this? Even if they have someone to check for masks at the door, what can they do if the customer removes the mask once they are inside?

  2. The idiots on this site continually call conservatives Nazi’s while at the same time they are the ones supporting and calling for ACTUAL Nazi tactics. The TRUE Nazi’s are the liberals. They’re so stupid, they don’t even realize it. I’m done. Patriots like nado, jamesben, madmike, army pilot….have a great life. Maybe we’ll cross paths sometime. The rest of you….Ux, markturner, Going foreward, Cara… can all burn in hell with the rest of your evil hoard.

    1. Yeah,the DPS makes you get a driver’s license and an inspection sticker. You have to wear seat belts. You can’t endanger the public by driving wrecklessly and now you can’t endanger the public by not wearing a mask during a viral pandemic.

      1. The governor already issued an executive order against this. The city cannot over rule that
        They about to find themselves the focus of countless lawsuits

        1. Abbott allowed mayors and counties to require them in businesses. Obviously, you have to remove them in order to eat in a restaurant. The Governor did not require them outside in pubic.

        2. The Governor said you can’t jail anyone. He didn’t say a thing about fining a business. Abbott gave a pretty thorough interview about it a few days ago. Trust me, what EP is doing is 100% in line with Abbott’s guidelines.

          1. Agreed, not much of a change from the status quo though. Private businesses have all, for the most part wanted you to wear a mask, with the obvious exceptions of restaurants, which have already done the six feet of separation thing.

    2. They aren’t patriots. They are bitter, ignorant, uneducated, sad and lonely men who are threatened by the way the world is changing. They can’t deal with it and strike out by trying to insult and threaten others who have no problem dealing with the modern world.

  3. The order says businesses can ask patrons to wear them, it didn’t say anything about allowing mayors to enact orders enforcing it. Lawyers dream

      1. AMERICA AS YOU KNEW IT!!!! Assimilate or get out!!!!!! Madmike. K1DPR. Jamesben. Bigoof. Nado. Etc. eat that !!!!! No mask no biznaz!!!!!

  4. LOL. Good!!!!!!!! Good!!!!!!!!!!! LEAVE ALL THE MADMIKES OUT!!! Don’t let their asses in!!!! Now they can go to a Republican State and buy their groceries and eat out!!!!

  5. Wooohooooooo!!!!! Put the masks or don’t come in!!!!!!! Heck yea!!!!!!! Maybe they can grow their own food!!! Hey ……….you haverifhts and so do businesses. You stick to your rights!!!! Just grow your own shit and don’t come near us. Bye!

  6. A lot of people to poor to shop or buy groceries today thanks to Covid19. It would feed your soul to contribute, or volunteer to help. Wait. What was I thinking. Mr Affluent doesn’t have time for these “freeloaders.” So let them eat cake instead!

  7. I don’t like the idea that the government is making it mandatory to wear a mask BUT something needs to be done to protect the public.

    No mask no service.

  8. I don’t like the government tells me I have to wear a seatbelt, have auto insurance, inspection sticker, can’t take guns in where there’s a

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