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El Paso reports 1 new virus death, 206 new cases; hospitalizations reach new peak

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- The El Paso Department of Public Health reported one new coronavirus-related death and 206 new cases Monday morning.

The latest victim was identified as a man in his 80s with underlying health conditions.

The death toll now stands at 152 in El Paso County.

Monday marked the first time El Paso did not record at least 350 new cases in a week.

Hospitalizations reached a new peak of 285 on Monday, an increase of eight patients from Sunday. There are 91 patients requiring intensive care, and 36 people on ventilators.

There have now been 9,716 confirmed cases with 5,879 reported recoveries. That left El Paso with 3,685 active cases on Monday, which is a new record.

For a complete look at the health department's data, click here.

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Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



  1. 152 deaths over a period of 4 months in a county with over 750,00 people. How many have died of other or natural causes other then COVID-19 this year.

  2. Using City of El Paso data, 9617 positive cases. Tested? 111,700. Thats 8.7%. And panic sets in? How many have died on Texas highways so far this year? Get a life people!

  3. I see the morons who think 130,000+ deaths in the US since this pandemic started are nothing are out and about posting stupid shit. They probably think the Earth is flat, 9/11 was an inside job, Obama was born in Kenya, the Ukraine has Hillary’s emails, and the moon landings were faked. Aluminum foil hats are too tight, I guess. They should listen to Governor Abbott.

    1. It’s that sarcastic moron Steve on Resler. Come on Steve. Use your fuzzy math. 130,000 is what percent of 320 million people? How many die each year of auto accidents, disease, suicides, influenza, serious medical issues and other natural causes? BTW – get help for that sarcasm. It makes you sound very stupid. It’s bad when you have dumbass Alberto as a fan.

    2. Did you see anywhere in this report what the recovery rates are simpleton? Why do you keep falling for this scare tactics? Don’t you ever search for your self to confirm what you are told on the liberal media? 95% recovery rate just so you know. Deaths do happen. The most vulnarable are still at risk. Yet the death rates are still going down and the recovery rate is almost 100%.
      And yes obumer was born in Kenya wearing an aluminum hat. He calls himself alberto muerto now.

  4. These Right Wing knuckleheads are always using Statistics to deny how deadly this Pandemic is. Just a few simple minded Trump followers repeating what the strange tanned fake president says on TV everyday. Texas, Florida, Arizona, Republican governors who listened to dumb ass Trump and opened Economy early,AND you can see the results of runaway Covid19 infections and deaths. If one person in your family dies of this virus just go ahead and justify it with Statistics. I’m sure the rest of your kinfolk will kick your statistic mind to the curb.

    1. I bet you don’t know anyone that died of the COVID-19 let alone have it But rant away like your buddy nitwit Steve. So funny. Leftists like you don’t use stats or math because you are too dumb.

      1. Yep. I’ve been posting those numbers for months. Wait until the 2020 numbers come out and the heart disease and cancer deaths are around 300,000 each. MOST heart disease related deaths are being coded as COVID-19. Money talks!

      1. Don’t worry, AV, old buddy. When Biden wins we will buy you a beer and some Pretzels to make you feel better. Biden behind Trump by 1 or 2 points in Texas. Well within the plus or minus 3 percent margin of error. Who would have thunk it!

        1. Hey moron what do you think leftist polls will say and favor. Everyone else except Democrats are under sampled. But how’d that work out for crooked Hillary back in 2016 in Texas? Trump beat her 52.23% to 43.24%. She was supposed to win Texas. Biden will be defeated too. LMAO.

          1. These are averages of all polls. Leftist and rightist. The first poll to put Biden ahead in Texas was the FOX news (volkischer beobachter) poll that came out yesterday.

          2. President Trump will win with 362 electoral votes. He has a 91% chance of winning. The good professor says so.

    1. According to Professsor Helmut Norpoth who successfully predicted Trump would beat crooked Hillary back in 2016 President Trump will win the 2020 election with 362 electoral votes. 91% chance of winning. I’d trust the professor over a leftist newspaper skewed poll since he has a great track record of calling presidential elections. Stew on that moron.

  5. President Trump is a genius. He starts wearing a mask and now CNN is questioning the effectiveness of masks. Brilliant. He exposes their bias and incompetence everyday. Does anyone with an ounce of sense take these CNN morons seriously? Forget Chinese Vrrus. CNN is inflicting moronovirus.

          1. But only one Mark Turner owns property in El Paso County. Lives in the lower valley (Clint) and only pays $240 in annual property taxes. .23 acres of land. Just enough space for a double wide and meth lab. However, his mailing address is in Illinois. His wife’s name is Darlene. We all know you are a figment of dumbass Alberto’s imagination. In other words you are not real. The gig is up moron.

        1. Eat mierda moron. The good professor says President Trump will win with 362 electoral votes with 91% chance of winning. Care to wager? Chicken Alberto? Biden will be in an Alzheimers nursing home way before November 3. LMAO.

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