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Rate of El Pasoans testing positive for virus jumps by 50% since July 4th holiday period

EL PASO, Texas -- The rate at which El Pasoans are testing positive for the coronavirus has soared since the July Fourth holiday weekend period, the Borderland's top doctor said Monday.

City/County Health Authority Dr. Hector Ocaranza shared the news of the disturbing trend at a meeting of El Paso County Commissioners Court.

Ocaranza indicated the positivity rate - the percentage of all those tested whose results come back positive - has jumped by an alarming 50% since the beginning of this month.

From July 2 through Sunday, Ocaranza said the numbers of those testing positive for the virus has risen from 8.3% to 12.1%.

Ocaranza said this type of "big jump" was not something that could be dismissed as merely a result of the county's recent increase in testing, but rather was an indicator of a much greater issue.

Simply put, he said "there's a lot faster community spread of the virus."

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Either he has information that has not been shared with the public, or he’s using Liberal Math. El Paso info page shows 9716 positive cases and 111, 700 tests. That says 8.3% according to my calculations! Sounds like fake news to me.

  2. Dr. Ocarranza your blatant refusal to even say that word “protests” and “spread” together really hurts your credibility. If you as a medical professional cannot make the connection then you have no business telling anyone what is what. The violent protests and rioting have been the single largest community spread since the plandemic and you cannot lie to us. Dr. Occaranza is playing politics and should resign if he lacks the integrity to at least mention the protests as a super spread event

  3. The big news in Texas is Houston wanting to shut down for two weeks. Never admitting their spikes and deaths were caused by the thousands of BLM protestors/rioters and Floyd funeral activities the city allowed in contradiction to COVID19 mitigation guidelines. Even the hypocrite mayor participated in the protests. Can’t blame the Republican State Convention since it has been put on hold.

  4. Why don’t these liberal news networks ever report the recovery rate being 95% I wonder? Deaths are down regardless of what these libtards announce. More hikes? Of course, more testing. Duh!

    1. That would mean admitting causing panic and hysteria for what amounts to a bad influenza season. Florida did 135,000 COVID19 tests on Saturday alone. Of course leftist media reporting doom and gloom.

  5. Feo does not convince anyone that Covid19 is a Bad Influenza Season. The only ones you convince are the other Covid19 deniers on this site who nod their heads in agreement with anything you say. There are 682.6k people in El Paso who are taking care not to catch the virus and then there are about 6 of you that deny that Covid is a problem worth worrying about. No one should worry that the people of El Paso are listening to your garbage. I haven’t heard anyone on the street say, listen to Feo and his buddies on the kvia opinion site they’re right. Let’s all take off our masks and have a party because they say it’s nothing but a bad case of the flu. You are wasting your time with your virus denials. The only one you are trying hard to convince is yourselves.

    1. Wait. Read what you just wrote. “There are 682.6K people in El Paso who are taking care not to catch the virus…..”. Yet they’re catching it anyway? Hmmmmm. I wonder what that could mean?

      1. Your word scrabble is disingenuous at best. You understood my meaning but choose to move the pieces around to try and checkmate my message. I just won’t play your crooked game, thank you.

  6. Your make believe world bubble on this site is just a safe place where you can spew your absurd beliefs or cockamamie theories created by a politician who puts Machiavelli to shame. It is really sad to see individuals such as yourself be taken in by one single person who thinks he knows what is best for our society, but in reality is only thinking of his own personal gains. Only one who can help you in this situation is yourselves, but it will be difficult to understand the truth when you have been exposed to so many lies.

    1. First, no word scrabble intended. Legitimate question. Second, I’ve never been taken in by any single person. I do my research. I connect the dots. It actually has nothing to do with Trump personally at all. It Mitt Romney were President and leading our country like Trump is, I’d be supporting him too.

  7. I don’t do research to understand the state of our country and the self aggrandizing politicians who are always trying to get their piece of the pie while most of us go hungry. My life experience is my education and I have learned to see the good from the bad. And right now all I see is bad. No guarantee that a new president will fix things but it is time to try. Isn’t that what people thought when they elected Trump? Well it turned out pretty bad. On the other hand, if Biden is elected president and does as much harm to our country as Trump has done then he’ll be a one term president too.

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