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3 new virus deaths in El Paso; county about to top 15,000 cases

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EL PASO, Texas - Public health officials announced Monday morning that Covid-19 has killed another 3 people in El Paso. They also reported 202 new cases.

The county's total number of virus deaths is now 276. The latest victims were a woman in her 60's, a man in his 70's and a woman in her 80's. All of them had underlying health conditions.

There have been 14,914 confirmed cases reported in El Paso since the pandemic began.

Officials also announced another 91 people recovered, so there have been 11,128 recoveries. That means a total of 3,510 cases are considered active right now.

Officials said 290 patients are hospitalized due to the virus. They said 103 of them are in the ICU and 52 are on ventilators.

The county's cumulative positivity rate is 8.85%, according to the El Paso Department of Public Health.

Jesus A. Rodriguez

ABC-7 producer.



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    1. Your idea of holding China accountable is soooooo unattainable that it would be difficult to explain to you. Trump says everything his low IQ base wants to hear and does nothing.

  1. How is *holding China accountable* going to rid the world of the Virus? Oh, yeah Tariff the hell out of the China economy so we can pay more for Chinese imports. How about breaking off Diplomatic relations. Invade China? Get real! No matter what the US, or any other country does it will not help wipe out the virus. AND stop listening to Fauci? After all he is the foremost scientific expert in the field of Infectious Disease. Instead listen to the Covid deniers who after they get sick blame the masks for getting sick. Please use your common sense instead of your political affiliation for a ineffective political novice.

    1. It has nothing to do with my political affiliation. Just saying to put blame where it belongs. China knows more about this virus than anyone. They released it. Getting rid of Trump won’t solve the problem. Biden’s Brain is already Jell-o. He certainly can’t solve it. He can hardly tie his own shoes these days. Fauci hasn’t treated patients in decades. He’s more of a political figure now that a doctor. He’s not listening to the doctors in the field who are successfully treating patients every day. He’s worst than these University Ph’D’s who have lived in Academia for decades and only know THEORY but know nothing about the actual practices in the field. If masks work, why aren’t they working? Why did 15 days to stop the spread become 200 days? Both Fauci “theories”.

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        1. Wrong. El Paso 15,000 cases. 270 deaths. 98% plus DO NOT DIE. Some of them who died wore masks all day, everyday yet still died. Hmmmmm. How can that happen?

          1. And social distanced and used hand sanitizer. Must have got it through the ears. Ear muffs anyone? LMAO.

          2. 2% here and 2% there and you have almost 160k dead! Trying to convince the Maga Hatters to wear a mask is like trying to break the Speed Of Light. No matter how hard we try, it is not going to happen. The problem is that you are putting other people at risk with your infected breath. Just let me know when you are going out to the store without a mask so I can upload your Tantrum on YouTube.

          3. Original maga you knew those who died and followed them around all day to make sure they wore their masks? Lol. Wow.

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