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El Paso’s virus death toll reaches 300 with 7 additional fatalities

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EL PASO, Texas - Public health officials announced Monday morning that another seven people had died from Covid-19 in El Paso County, bringing the death toll to 300.

In exactly one month's time, the number of virus deaths have doubled. The fatality count on July 10 was 150.

The latest victims Monday were identified as:

  • One woman in her 60's.
  • One man in his 70's
  • One woman in her 70's.
  • One woman in her 80's.
  • Three women in their 90's.

Officials reported 86 new cases on Monday, bringing the total for the pandemic to 16,396. The number of new infections from July 10 to Aug. 10 has more than doubled, data showed.

New cases involving children have also grown substantially during that time frame, according to El Paso Matters CEO Bob Moore.

Almost 15 percent of El Paso’s cases reported so far in August have been among people age 19 and younger, the highest proportion since the pandemic began, observed Moore.

Meantime, there were 101 new recoveries listed Monday, which means a total of 12,047 people have recovered to date. However, research shows those who have recovered may still face long-term impacts from having contracted the virus.

Officials reported Monday that hospitalizations due to the virus decreased from 211 to 198. The last time the number of hospitalizations was below 200 was on July 3.

They indicated 73 of those patients were in the intensive care unit, while 41 were on ventilators.

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Jesus A. Rodriguez

ABC-7 producer.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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