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Trump hails virus vaccine progress in 1st remarks since election loss

WASHINGTON, DC — President Donald Trump has hailed developments in the race for a vaccine for the resurgent coronavirus.

He delivered his first public remarks Friday since his defeat by President-elect Joe Biden, even as he refuses to concede the election.

Speaking from the Rose Garden, Trump said a vaccine would ship in “a matter of weeks” to vulnerable populations, though the Food and Drug Administration has not yet been asked to grant the necessary emergency approvals.

In addition, there’s no information yet as to whether the vaccine worked in vulnerable populations or only in younger, healthier study volunteers.

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  1. As usual, the Oompah Loompah-in-Chief taking credit where it’s not due. This vaccine advancement is the result of the hard work and dedication of scientists, pharmaceuticals, and volunteers (and is funded through our taxes). Oompah can’t even pay his fair share of taxes.

  2. Lame Duck Trump The Chump has been FIIIIIIIIRED! He can talk and lie all he wants because nobody is listening. Only reason McConnell and Company are still scared shitless of Trump the wannabe Putin, is because they are a bunch of Cowards, plain and simple.

  3. The only three things the orange buffoon had anything to do with the past four years was getting a tax break for the top 1% of earners and corporations; moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem stirring up shit in the middle east, and causing farmers to lose their farms after the Chinese outsmarted him during the ill-fated trade war. This is not to mention his disastrous immigration policies, his disastrous Iran policy, his disastrous climate change policies, not to mention his disastrous covid policy or lack thereof.

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