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No new El Paso virus deaths; officials still urge vaccination


EL PASO, Texas -- El Paso public health officials said there were no new Covid-19 deaths to report on Saturday, leaving the cumulative number of deaths from the pandemic at 2,539.

There were 157 added virus cases on Saturday, for a total to date of 134,294 cases in El Paso County - of which 2,323 are currently active infections.

As of Saturday, 151 El Pasoans were hospitalized for Covid-related illness, with 52 patients in the ICU and 32 on ventilators.

To date, health officials estimate 129,274 El Pasoans have recovered from the coronavirus, although doctors note that some recovered persons may still experience long-term health impacts as a result of having been infected.

Meantime, El Paso officials continue to hold vaccination clinics that require no appointment in en effort to get the Borderland closer to 'heard immunity.' For more information on vaccination efforts, El Pasoans can call (915) 212-6843 or visit

For a complete look at the El Paso health department's Covid-19 data for the community, visit

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Shutdowns don’t work. Masks don’t work. Closing public places don’t work. Vaccinations work!
    Open up ALL of El Paso. Business get rid of the unproven wearing of masks to prevent COVID. That hasn’t worked. What works? Vaccines. Trump’s Warp Speed production and delivery of vaccines WORKS!
    Don’t give a damn if senile biden takes credit. Get the people to safety. We’ll deal with biden later.

  2. I’ve been to the gym everyday since this all started except for the month and a half they were mandated shutdown, only wore a mask the very minimum to get by in stores and biz, never wore one outside, split my time in Jrz and EP, been to all the holiday parties and family functions and never an issue for me. 87% of the USA hospitalizations for Covid have been overweight or obese.

    Staying open and opening up worked ie: Texas, Florida, South Dakota etc. New Mexico, NY, Cali did not work! So yea, destroying the economy was a HUGE error. Thanx Dems!

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