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Samaniego looks back a year after El Paso’s ‘worst in nation’ bout with Covid

EL PASO, Texas -- One year ago at this time, El Paso County shattered a pandemic record as health officials announced 1,161 new Covid-19 cases in a single-day alone. 

It was back in late October 2020 that El Paso County became the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. Over several weeks, hospitalizations skyrocketed, mobile morgues arrived and triage tents were set up as hospitals reached capacity. 

El Paso County Judge Ricardo Samaniego on Friday looked back on that dark period, telling ABC-7: “We were the worst, if not in the world, we were the worst in the nation for sure - and that didn’t feel good.”

Samaniego remembers walking through the morgue trailers trying to assess the situation when he received a call that one of his friends had died - and was actually in one of those trailers.

He added that it was difficult to protect the community, especially since there was no vaccine at that time.

Samaniego also remembers other moments from that dark period. 

“Right in front of me, over on the second floor in the medical examiner's office, were families that were mourning - looking down at the trailers. And it was very emotional that the closest that they could get (to their family membesr) was being on the second floor of the parking lot station,” Samaniego said. 

Even though numbers have decreased one year later, Samaniego urges the community to not let their guard down, especially now. 

“People say you don’t want to look back at what happened - but in this case you do. It’s going to remind us what we need to do going forward,” he said. 

Rosemary Montanez



  1. It was sam the diego’s policies that exacerbated the covid dilema. If he had been out of the way, more people would still be alive. He should resign and serve a prison sentence. Even char liar agrees. 🤑

  2. Letting emotions make important decisions is not good. The country has moved on. NFL NASCAR MLB Concerts NBA
    Enough have natural immunity now and if the vax works then we should be all set. I hope someday people swallow their pride and admit that social distancing, masks and shutting down the economy can’t stop a highly contagious virus.

    1. The economy takes a back seat to public health during a pandemic. I know you are aware of this, so why are you pretending not to know? Had your cult45 leader taken aggressive action at the start, we wouldn’t have to have the Democrats put it back together as they always do after a Republican administration puts the economy in the tank. Been that way since Herbert Hoover.

      1. Char Lie Dumbo the nitwit is so ignorant and delusional. The Democrats fixed the economy? They caused high inflation, high food prices and high gasoline prices. It’s all senile Joe’s fault. It was all better under Trump.

        1. Who is president has no connection to the present inflation or high gas prices. All you have to do is watch the news and you’d know this. All you morons need to educate yourselves before making stupid statements.

          1. When he shutw down pipelines. Puts in place anti-gas policies, spews lies about the climate, makes the means of production more difficult but allows Russia to open pipelines, then yes the President does have a HUGE impact on gas prices and this moron president has done just that.

          2. Char Lie Dumbo. You blamed Trump for the gasoline prices going up but they were low. You’re an idiot.

        2. Economic experts predicted the day after the Moron Biden was placed in the White House that inflation would set record highs. EVERYTHING about this DISASTROUS Biden administration was predicted.

    1. See Char Lie Dumbo has no real world experience in economic matters. He reads obsolete books. The bottom line is your President is responsible for the high gas prices, high inflation and overall high retail prices. It was all better under Trump.

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