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Monthly Newsletter to help stay informed on Title IV, Part A updates for all educators

Written by Carlos M. De La Torre

EL PASO, TX (September 2021)— Back on August 19, 2021, ESC Region 19 Hosted an in-person session with internationally recognized speaker and youth community advocate, "Tall Cop" Jermaine Galloway. The session focused on providing educators with the ability, knowledge, and confidence to help identify individuals who are abusing drugs. The 3-hour presentation, funded by the ESC Title IV, Part A Grant; was at no cost to the participants.

"The ESC19, Title IV Part A Newsletter, is designed to provide information, training opportunities, and resources as we work together to provide a safe and healthy school environment for our students." Each newsletter starts off with this statement. The drive and purpose to communicate opportunities for all educators who can benefit from the resources that this program can provide. 

This month's newsletter promotes the Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) session happening on Wednesday, September 29, 2021, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm MST. The training will be an MTSS Tier 1 training on Mental Health presented by two authors of Making MTSS Work, Dr. Donohue and Dr. Goodman-Scott. 

You will learn to examine the overlap and integration of mental health and wellness within tier 1 systems of support, provide an overview of how mental health and other essential topics (e.g., Trauma-informed practices, Social-emotional learning, Restorative practices) fit within an MTSS lens (data, systems, practices) and three-tiers and begin an examination of data used at tier 1 and organize data to bring to session 2 which will be on October 26th. These sessions are provided by the ESC Title Iv, Part A Grant.

You can REGISTER for this training and learn more about this monthly newsletter at the links below.

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