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Junior League of El Paso launches ‘My Feels’ app to support teen mental wellness

Junior League of El Paso Launches 'My Feels' app to support teens mental wellness

EL PASO, Texas-- The Junior League of El Paso is hoping that a new app geared towards high school teenagers will help normalize the conversation surrounding mental health.

"I’ve heard from so many people that their teens are just isolated right now at home and there's really no outlet for them," said Victoria Enriquez, a member of the Junior League of El Paso.

Enriquez has been active with the Junior League of El Paso for over five years. In that time, Enriquez and other board members were tasked with creating a tool for teens to use when it came to mental health awareness.

“They love being on a phone, interacting, social media," said Enriquez, "And we thought what better of a way to get to our teens right now than through their phone.”

The “MyFeels” app provides teens, ages 13 through 18, with helpful resources and tools for mental health awareness.

“The content that is actually in the app was created by one of our committee members," said Enriquez, "She is a clinical psychologist and she really spearheaded that portion of the project.”

The app provides quizzes, statistics and positive quotes among other different topics that pertain to teens.

Junior League of El Paso committee members did market research with teens to see what kind of content would catch their attention.

“A lot of the suggestions that they gave us we took and integrated it into the app,” said Enriquez.

If teens are in need of immediate help, the emergency button on the app will provide them with resources they can use immediately.

“They might not be at school or around their counselors to ask for help so we’re hoping that this app will really get them the resources that they need quickly,” said Enriquez.

Junior League of El Paso committee members are hopeful that this new app will reach teens who may need help the most.

“And we just really hope that this app helps break that stigma within mental health and teens,” said Enriquez.

The “MyFeels” app is available for free in the app store for Android and iPhone users

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Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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