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Witnesses testify El Paso man appeared very drunk on night his car crashed into another, killing 3

The second day of the long awaited Joel Garcia trial included testimony from a medical examiner which showed that Joshua Deal’s body contained no drugs or alcohol at the time of the car crash that killed him, his brother Isaiah and Shannon Del Rio.

The jury also heard testimony from several cocktail waitresses, who said they served alcohol to Garcia and his friends at a bar in the hours before that crash in the early morning hours of Dec. 24, 2014.

They testified that they gave Garcia’s group a bucket of beer.

The group drank it, left and then came back about an hour later wanting more.

The group was soon cut off from drinking, although Garcia was repeatedly seen trying to order more.

They were eventually seen leaving the bar with Garcia being helped through the door.

The day also included testimony from several medical technicians who were working at Del Sol medical center and helped treat Garcia when he was admitted after the crash with a foot injury.

The Del Sol employees produced similar testimonies, all saying that Garcia was intoxicated in their professional opinion, that he smelled of alcohol and had glazed over eyes.

The prosecution is relying heavily on this and other testimony regarding Garcia’s intoxication as after the crash, Garcia exercised his legal right to refuse to take any breathalyzer or field sobriety tests.

The trial will re-convene Wednesday morning at 8:30.

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