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Victim clings to life after being shot overnight in northeast El Paso; 2nd city shooting within hours

EL PASO, Texas -- A northeast El Paso shooting victim was clinging to life at a local hospital early Saturday in what was the city's second shooting within a few hours.

Police said the latest shooting happened prior to 3:30 a.m. in the 4400 block of Loma Diamente in a residential neighborhood.

The victim suffered "life-threatening injuries," according to a police spokesman. There was no word of any arrests in the incident.

Hours earlier, another man was shot and wounded in far east El Paso late Friday. In that case, police indicated at least one arrest had been made and officers were tracking a pair of additional suspects.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. More shootings in so safe El Paso. Just ask feckless Veronica and her loser buddy Beto about it. Can’t blame President Trump forever. FOREVER ACQUTTED! lmao.

    1. I’ve explained this many a time, but since you’re obviously extremely slow I’ll mention it again. Laws that limit what firearm can and can’t be owned are an infringement of the 2nd Amendment, and ineffective at prevent crime. Laws that call for “Universal Background Checks” are unenforceable, therefore useless, without a firearm registry which leads to confiscation, while also at the end of day still won’t prevent crime because criminals usually file off the serial number (which is already a crime). Laws that call for Red Flags are dangerous, ineffective, and an infringement of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments. These laws that are stringent will affect me as a responsible law abiding firearm owner. The laws governing who can own and who can’t own firearms are adequate, the Gun Control Act of ’68 is enough of a compromise that we’re going to make.

        1. What the majority of Americans want is an end to the mass shootings, some of them have been convinced that taking away ONE tool will somehow erase the problem. Universal suffrage is dumb and the metropolitan centers where the majority of the population is do not and should not dictate what the minority of Americans need or don’t need. This is not to mention that majority of those who support the “some kind of gun control” want things that are either A) already laws or B) they don’t understand what they’re advocating for and the consequences of the policy they want, which is most commonly Universal Background Checks. So you can take that little factoid and shove it, it says very clearly in the document that governs our country SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED get that through your tiny mind.

  2. Let’s be fair Isn’t that area considered the far Northeast? Surely if there’s a Far Eastside then there must be far Northeast. Trying to lower the property value for the whole Northeast or what?

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