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El Paso and Alamogordo police are changing how they respond to calls during the coronavirus pandemic

An EPPD squad car is seen in this file photo.

EL PASO, Texas -- Police departments in the Borderland region are shifting resources and adjusting priorities in an attempt to maintain public safety while doing their best to prevent infection among officers and the citizens they serve during the coronavirus pandemic.

The El Paso Police Department announced these changes to their "response protocol" on Friday:

  • Dispatchers will now ask health and travel related questions to individuals requesting police response.
  • Dispatchers may provide callers with specific instructions regarding their interactions with police, to include maintaining a social distance of at least six feet from officers.
  • Citizens are strongly encouraged to utilize on-line and telephone reporting options to file police reports when police response is not paramount.

In southern New Mexico, the Alamogordo Police Department went a step further by saying it will now only respond to emergency calls, and it will not dispatch officers for non-emergency issues.

Alamogordo police officials said reports for non-emergency calls such as property damage, home and auto burglaries and civil matters will instead be taken over the phone by calling 575-439-4300.

Both the El Paso and Alamogordo departments said in statements that they appreciate the public's patience, understanding and cooperation to maintain everyone's safety.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. It doesn’t say that at all. In fact, it says the opposite, as they explicitly said they’d respond to emergency calls. But thanks for overreacting and trying to cause a panic.

      1. Reading and comprehension problems moron? The article never explicitly mentioned EPPD would respond to emergency calls but obviously they will after grilling you with coronavirus related questions. Please read and comprehend the article again you imbecile. Further the panic buying on guns and ammo for protection already started weeks ago. Just go to the Academy Sports in your area and see for yourself. Online gun and ammo sales are both up 300%. FBI NICS background checks are up significantly loading down the system just like back when Obama was first elected. But in your feeble low information mind you think guns are non-essential items in an emergency such as this. You spend too much time with the leftists/libtards over at ABC getting brainwashed with their propaganda.

      2. Listen up sparky, I have been in city, county or federal law enforcement for 29 years, and the response time for most calls in the west side can take an hour.

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