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El Paso protester says he was targeted for arrest, received higher bond because he’s black

Mugshots of protesters arrested by El Paso police.

(Editor's note: ABC-7 has confirmed that Andre Jefferson was charged with a probation violation in March and has a prior conviction a couple years ago for petty theft.)

EL PASO, Texas -- Hundreds made their way out to Memorial Park in central El Paso this past Sunday demanding justice for George Floyd.

Out of the hundreds making their voices heard, three men found themselves arrested that evening. And 25-year-old Andre Jefferson believes he ended up in police custody because of the color of his skin.

"Yelling at me, trying to swing at me with a baton and all of a sudden someone yelled 'grab him' and I got grabbed thrown in the air, slammed on the ground and cops were on top of my back just yelling at me 'don’t resist,'" Jefferson said.

Jefferson told ABC-7 that he walked to the rally with another friend late in the day. They ran into police almost immediately, and were asked to leave Memorial Park along with the large group that was already there.

"There were people there that were throwing things and yelling, shouting, pushing cops," he explained. "People that were doing more violent things than I was doing… and honestly, I felt like they got arrested along with me because I was the only colored black guy there who got arrested," Jefferson said.

Jefferson was arrested alongside 24-year-old Abraham Urueta and 23-year-old Demetrio Martinez. According to police, both Urueta and Jefferson were arrested because they allegedly encouraged others to resist the police line being set by officers to disperse the group, while Martinez allegedly threw a tear gas cannister back at police.

While all three men face the same exact charges, Jefferson's bond was set $500 higher by a judge, which he does not believe that is fair.

"When we were at the holding cell he had asked me 'hey what was your bond set at' and I told him my amount and he told me 'dude that's crazy' because you and me got charged with the exact same thing and my bond is a lot lesser than yours," Jefferson said. "There is no way. I got a higher bond because of my skin color and that is just unfair."

In a statement provided to ABC-7 on the arrests, El Paso deputy city manager for public safety Dionne Mack maintained "officers have acted appropriately observing rights and reacted accordingly."

Jefferson told ABC-7 that he has been in contact with several lawyers and plans to fight the charges.

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JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



  1. Goes without that you were targeted to make you an example because you’re Black young Jefferson. Police chief Greg (Uncle Tom) Allen hates the Black Lives Matter movement with a passion Wheres that online petition to dismiss Allen (for his) hate speech! Lastly there are GOFUNDME Protesters Relief organizatons out there.I shall forward your name Andre Jefferson to them for Heroes Compensation

  2. Mack Is Wack and knows what side her bread is buttered on If memory serves Deputy City Manager DIONE MACK is an African American Female. Which makes her, like police chief Greg Allen, is a Uncle Thomasina. Greg Allen as memory serves acquired that position not through election but because Sheriff Richard Wiles vacated police chief posting to run for Sheriff Chief and donated Police Chief position to Allen

    1. Gee Steve. You are making sense. Now you see who the real racists here are. going foreword is really going backward to the times of jim crow. He doesn’t like what black people say, he immediately calls them Uncle Toms and in this case Uncle Thomasina. He couldn’t even say Aunt Thomasina. Leftists are all for open opinions as long as you agree to theirs.

    1. That’s only because they are Democraps/Libtards. Not all cops are conservative. Next traffic stop EPPD will probably beat you silly. You cant claim BLM since you are not black. LMAO.

  3. People that were doing more violent things than I was doing…THIS ALREADY TELLS YOU THE KIND OF SHIT HE IS! All you THUG SYMPATHIZERS… FY

  4. Unless that dude has a previous record that’s greater than the other 2, or committed a crime greater than the other 2, he has a valid point. KVIA should be asking the judge until they get an answer.

  5. I noticed that comments are not allowed on the economic good news of 2.5 million jobs created in one month. Typical Pravda type news outfit here.

      1. Funny how you still see those Beto for Senate bumper stickers. So hilarious. But I bet Steve still has a Ted Cruz for President sticker. After all he is a RINO. Not a full blown libtard like his BFF Alberto.

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