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2 face charges after woman punched in face triggers stabbing, shooting in northeast El Paso

Samuel Ozuna.

UPDATE: Police on Monday said a stabbing and shooting in front of a northeast El Paso mobile home park stemmed from a woman asking a large, "unruly group" of people who had gathered to quiet down.

Investigators said the woman was punched in the face and a man who went to her aid was stabbed. Police added that the stabbing victim, who was licensed for concealed carry, pulled his gun in self defense and shot the man who stabbed him.

Police said 24-year-old Samuel Ozuna is being held in the downtown jail on $1,000 bond on an assault charge for allegedly punching the woman.

Another 24-year-old man, whose identity was not released by police, is hospitalized with gunshot wounds but is facing aggravated assault charges for the stabbing.

The stabbing victim is recovering in a local hospital; the woman punched did not suffer serious injuries.

ORIGINAL REPORT: EL PASO, Texas -- Police responded early Sunday to what they said was a shooting and stabbing at a northeast El Paso mobile home park.

The incident was reported by police around 12:10 a.m. and unfolded at the Sierra Vista Court mobile home park at 4526 Titanic Avenue, which sits off of Dyer Street.

It was unclear what led up to the violence. Authorities did not immediately indicate how many people were injured - or the extent of those injuries.

An ABC-7 photographer at the scene saw a man with a bloody head detained by officers in the back of a police car. It was unknown if any arrests had been made.

Police initially provided 4426 Titanic as the location of the crime scene to the media. That address belongs to an automotive repair shop, which was not involved in the incident.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



    1. Nah! Most El Paso stabbings/shootings are Hispanic on Hispanic so you are way off base Alberto. You are too much of a white hater racist and bigot to see that. You even claimed the Ft Hood soldier that killed that Latina soldier was white. Wrong! He was black and you gave him a standing ovation.

      1. What’s funny, in my agency here in Al Paso, when fully staffed, we have about 400 people from several agencies. About 75% are hispanic. We post Alberto’s psycho-rants on the bulletin board, and all of those hispanic law enforcement professionals would love to kick his ass.

        1. Madmike post what a pig you are. Always mocking the dead, poking fun at Mexicans, always putting down our hometown. I’m sure they love you. Lol.

          1. I don’t take this site that serious about a name. I’m sure you would with all your multiple accounts.

  1. “It was unclear what led up to the violence…”

    Ummm, two 12 packs of Budweiser, a bag of pot, some meth and fireworks.

    Add in some Alberto-level brainpower – and YEE HAW – a fight with knives and a gun.

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