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Police identify 26-year-old man shot, killed in gun battle during family violence call in east El Paso

Officer involved shooting East el paso
Police at the scene of an officer-involved shooting in east El Paso.

UPDATE: Police on Monday released the identity of the 26-year-old man shot and killed by officers responding to a domestic disturbance case on Sunday.

Authorities said he was Ryan Shane Hinojo.

The officers involved in the deadly shootout with Hinojo were said to have been on the force for roughly 18-months each.

ORIGINAL REPORT: EL PASO, Texas — Police shot and killed a 26-year-old man in east El Paso Sunday evening during a gun battle that stemmed from a domestic disturbance, authorities said Sunday evening.

It happened in the 12000 block of Village Gate Drive, a residential neighborhood located near Montwood High School.

A police spokesman said officers first responded around 3 p.m. to a home there on a family violence call; the man left the scene and police went to get a warrant for his arrest.

Officers went back about 5 p.m. after getting a call that the man - who didn't live at the house - had returned; that's when police say the gunfire occurred.

Neighbors told ABC-7 that they heard screams coming from the home shortly before police responded the second time. Within moments of officers arriving on scene, neighborhood residents said they heard multiple rounds of gunfire - with as many as eight to twelve shots fired.

Police said the man, whose name was not released, fled and was found in a backyard a short time later. The man fired upon police first and officers returned fire, killing him, a police spokesman said.

No officers were injured in the exchange of gunfire.

The shooting was under investigation by police internal affairs and crimes against persons units as well as the Texas Rangers.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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