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3 found dead in Dallas apartment after man tells police: ‘I killed my family’ for being too loud

Dallas police at an apartment where a man allegedly killed his wife and two children.

DALLAS, Texas — Dallas police officers found the bodies of three people in an apartment Monday after a man reportedly called and said he had killed his wife and two children.

Deputy Chief Reuben Ramirez said James Webb, 57, was taken into custody by officers who arrived at the scene after saying he had “killed his family.”

He was booked into the Dallas County jail on capital murder charges without bond pending an appearance before a magistrate.

Police said the three victims who were killed had been shot; the wife was approximately 50 and the two children were ages 16 and 13.

“This is a horrible scene. This is a horrific incident,” Ramirez said.

According to an arrest affidavit, Webb and his wife woke up together and began arguing around 10 a.m. because Webb had a headache and his wife and the two children were being too loud.

During the argument, Webb allegedly produced a handgun and shot his wife at least two times causing her death. The suspect then shot and killed both children.

Authorities said Webb waited an hour and then contacted 911 through his emergency medical alert.

Police said a handgun was found inside the apartment along with multiple shell casings.

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  1. Sad tragic situation. Abnormal stress levels during this time of the pandemic is causing lots of mental health problems. If you see someone in trouble, try to get them some help before another tragedy takes place.

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