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Court records allege El Paso officer sent secret sex video with fellow police employee to friend

Irvin Mendez
Irvin Mendez, EPPD officer arrested.

EL PASO, Texas -- Court documents obtained Monday by ABC-7 outline new details about the recent arrest of an El Paso police officer who is accused of illegally videotaping an intimate sexual encounter.

An arrest affidavit reveals that the woman who was alleged to have been secretly videotaped by 29-year-old Irvin Mendez is also an employee of the El Paso Police Department. It didn't indicate whether she is an officer too.

The affidavit says the 30-year-old woman had consensual sex with Mendez at his house but never consented to, nor was aware that he had videotaped the encounter.

Court records indicate that the video, which was recorded over the summer, came to the victim's attention when Mendez is alleged to have shared it with a male friend.

The woman has pressed criminal charges of invasive visual recording against Mendez, who was placed on leave from the police force at the time of his arrest last week and is facing termination.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Someone better get rid of all the secret sex tapes of comrade turner and her tractor. Never mind the ones for alberto pedo muerto seco since no cares about slime sex.

  2. Notice how Republicans, MadMofoMike & NoNutsDave would rather deflect from topic and target people with insults than criticize a fellow cop for misconduct. VERY IMMATURE BUT TRUE TO REPUBLICAN FORM.

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