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2 arrested – 1 for murder – after weekend shooting at northeast El Paso apartment complex

Murder suspect Grant Rutledge.
Northeast shooting Fairbanks
Apartment complex in northeast El Paso where a deadly shooting happened.

EL PASO, Texas -- Two people were arrested, one on a murder charge, following a deadly weekend shooting at an apartment complex in northeast El Paso, police said Monday.

The fatal shooting happened around 5 a.m. Sunday along the 5000 block of Fairbanks at the Pine Village Apartments.

Police identified the victim as 32–year-old Anthony Martin and said he was found dead of a gunshot wound at the scene by officers who responded to a call about shots fired.

Officials announced the suspected shooter, 31–year old Grant Rutledge, was arrested Monday morning in the 3500 block of Keltner on a warrant charging him with murder. No motive was revealed for the attack and investigators didn't indicate what led up to the shooting.

Rutledge was booked into the El Paso County Detention Facility, where authorities said he was being held Monday afternoon under a $1,000,000 bond.

Police said another person seen fleeing the shooting scene Sunday was taken into custody after a brief chase on charges of evading and drug possession; no identity was given.

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