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Kern Place ‘hoarder’ who allegedly shot at city workers jailed on $250,000 bond

UPDATE, March 4: Police on Thursday identified the Kern Place resident accused of shooting at city workers trying to clean up his "unkempt yard" at 918 McKelligon Drive the day prior.

63–year-old Robert Hugh Moses is being held in the downtown jail on $250,000 bond on an aggravated assault charge.

Detectives said he fired on city employees from inside his house, where a search after Moses was arrested turned up decomposing dog carcass. Neighbors in a police report described Moses as a "hoarder" and "doomsday prepper."

In an arrest affidavit filed by police and obtained by ABC-7, Moses reportedly claimed to officers that he had shot at a burglar with his rifle. But the city workers told police that Moses actually shot at them through a window.

Court records reviewed by ABC-7 show Moses has prior arrests stretching back decades, including for assault on a public servant and attempted murder. The exact disposition of those cases was not immediately clear.

(Robert Hugh Moses mugshot after his arrest for aggravated assault.)

ORIGINAL REPORT, March 3: EL PASO, Texas -- A brief standoff with police took place Wednesday after a Kern Place resident allegedly fired gunshots at two city workers.

Officials said the Environmental Services Department employees were at the home in the 900 block of McKelligon Drive around 9:30 a.m. for a debris cleanup effort when the gunfire happened.

Authorities said the workers had a court warrant allowing them access to the property after it was cited on prior occasions for code violations.

No injuries occurred and police took the armed resident into custody on a charge of aggravated assault.

Ellen Smyth, the city's managing director of the ESD, issued the following statement about the incident...

“We are beyond saddened and shocked by the incident that took place this morning, and grateful that it did not result in a greater tragedy. Our thoughts are with our employees who were subjected to the violence. The safety of the public and of our employees is a top priority for our organization. We are also thankful to El Paso Police for their immediate assistance in responding to the emergency.”

No further details were immediately available.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Did they send in the social workers to disarm the nut job? I’m sure they would have talked him out of the house and admit himself into a Santa Teresa nut clinic.

  2. Two years ago the City Environmental Services Department cut a lock on our property, sprayed for (non-existant) weeds, then sent us a bill. We raised hell, and after further investigation, it turned out they had gone to the WRONG property. (Ours is a non-profit organization parking lot) They still haven’t reimbursed us for the cut padlock!

    1. This is the problem with city government. Instead about worrying about their job to oversee the city’s responsibility and check on the accuracy and completion of a city service, they spend their time on telling people to wear masks, stay apart and shut themselves down to the detriment of their family and income and eventually to the detriment of city taxpayer money. Morons.

  3. The city will go to extremes being millions in the hole from the pandemic. Papa Foster wants his money from the chihuahua contract. Police will be riding in people’s backseats to cite them, environmental services will be in your property cleaning and charging, fees in utilities will go up, ALL INDIRECT TAXATION!!!!!! All while City council enjoyed over a year off getting full pay AND a raise. Absolutely no talk about fiscal responsibility. Let’s eff the taxpayer is about the only intervention!!!!! Great job fat cats.

      1. alberto pedo muerto is angry that he doesn’t get any benefit from taxation since IT doesn’t pay any. IT lives off the state on EVERYTHING. Even gets free rides on that disability blue bus. He wants a kick back from all those traffic DUIs he kept getting when IT was allowed to drive.

    1. Scooby doo doo. Get spellcheck. Its clean up. Not clran up. But of course you demoKKKrat fools don’t ever think about what’s right. Only what fits your decrepit mind.

  4. Kern Place is the same problematic Cincinnati District. But this dingbat gun owner’s gotta be an above the law 2nd Amendment Castle Doctrine Radical Republican disproportionate response nut case. Get him some help, a rake, a shovel and a hoe.

  5. I hate to admit this, but I KNOW THIS GUY! I have worked with him on numerous occasions. I also wasn’t aware of his rap sheet. I guess you never know!

  6. WHITES SHOULD BE PLACED ON A 3-6 MONTH HOLD BEFORE THEY CAN OWN A FIREARM. Their social media, etc should be investigated etc. It’s obvious they can’t responsibly own a firearm. Not all, but majority of shootings on innocent people are carried out by whites. School shootings, mass murders, etc. look at this guys face. The face of the madmikes/K1dprs/Jeff Allen.

    1. You need to red the statistics, most shootings are black on black. That being said, if this guy had a rap sheet like they say, he shouldn’t have been able to own a firearm.

      1. K1DPR read what I wrote. Shootings in innocent people. Like your hero Crusious! Don’t deflect. Yes there are more shootings amongst gang related activities etc. shootings on innocent people you hold that stat. Admit it. Everyone knows it.

  7. American bred terrorists. I don’t care if gangsters take each other out. But I care when a deranged moron goes into a peaceful church setting, into a lax hoop full of children. And Homer, they are all white.

  8. Peoples Social media should now investigated before seeking them a gun. Any “kill” or “threats” should automatically disqualify anyone from buying a gun.

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