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Video shows wounded Las Cruces officer take down a cop killer

(Editor's note: A warning that some may find the images in the video player above to be disturbing.)

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- ABC-7 has obtained new video showing the Las Cruces police officer who helped take down a cop killer.

Officer Adrian de la Garza used a "pit maneuver" to stop Omar Felix Cueva's white truck during a chase. Cueva killed New Mexico State Police Officer Darion Jarrot near Deming before fleeing down Interstate 10 to Las Cruces.

In the video player at the top of this article you can view Officer de la Graza's body camera recording. He not only conducts the "pit maneuver," but you can also see the moment he gets out of his squad car and opens fire on Cueva.

De la Garza steps out of his unit with his gun in hand and exchanges gunfire with Cueva. You can then hear Officer de la Garza screaming in pain as he is shot.

But that doesn't stop him; he continues firing at Cueva until the suspect is lying lifeless on the ground.

Police have not officially released this video to ABC-7, even though it was requested. Rather, this video was posted on social media platforms.

Officer de la Garza was shot in the arm, specifically, his bicep. He was taken to a hospital in El Paso, but was treated and released the same day.

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