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3 teens charged in east El Paso drive-by shooting witnessed by police detective

UPDATE, June 17: Three teenagers have now been charged following an east El Paso drive-by shooting earlier this week that was witnessed by a police detective and prompted a cross-city car chase ending in their capture.

Police initially made five arrests following the incident and on Thursday announced formal charges were filed against three of those taken into the custody:

  • 18–year-old Jonathan Ware, charged with Deadly Conduct, bond set at $250,000.
  • 17–year-old Devin Louie Castillo, charged with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity, bond set at $500,000.
  • 17–year-old Gevoni Shears, charged with Deadly Conduct, bond set at $5,000.

The trio were all being held in the downtown jail.

Police said the teens shot at a home in the 1600 block of Leroy Bonse Drive on Monday; nobody was hurt but gang unit investigators said a couple in their 30s and and a 2–year-old toddler were inside the house at the time of the gunfire. A motive for the shooting hasn't been revealed.

Gevoni Shears (left), Jonathan Ware (center) and Devin Louie Castillo (right).

ORIGINAL REPORT, June 14: EL PASO, Texas -- Five people were taken into custody by police after a drive-by shooting Monday on El Paso's east side that was witnessed by an off-duty officer.

Authorities said no one was injured in the gunfire that occurred in the 1600 block of Leroy Bonse Drive. Residents reported hearing multiple gunshots in what they described as an otherwise quiet neighborhood.

An off-duty officer who apparently saw the shooting followed the vehicle across the city, where police said patrol units stopped it in the 500 block of Executive Center on the west side. Witnesses observed dozens of officers, many from the gang unit, converge on the scene.

Police said five individuals in the vehicle were arrested. There was no immediate word on what charges they would face and authorities have not discussed a motive for the drive-by, although the police gang unit was taking the lead in the investigation.

An eyewitness to the arrests told ABC-7 that police seized a 9 millimeter hand gun from one of the five suspects.

(Crime tape blocks off the 1600 block of Leroy Bonse after a drive-by shooting.)
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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.

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