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El Paso police make 12 gang arrests in past month; experts say gang members getting younger

EL PASO, Texas -- The Gang Unit in the El Paso Police Department has arrested a dozen people in the last month.

According to Ringo Deleon, the president of the Texas Gang Investigators Association, there is a statewide trend where younger juveniles are becoming involved in gang activity more so than adults.

Deleon could not point to one specific reason as to why this trend is happening, but says the pandemic closing schools this past year is a likely possibility. Law enforcement also saw people get involved with criminal activity that had lost their job to the pandemic.

“People that normally have a job and can maintain and pay their bills things like that, once this happened, we saw some that normally would not be involved in criminal activity," Deleon explained.

A gang expert with the FBI says parents need to pay attention to their children's lives to be sure they are not recruited into a gang.

“Kids are young and the only way they're going to stay safe and protected is by you being actively involved in their lives and asking questions and paying attention," said Special Agent Minerva Shelton with the FBI's Safe Streets Gang Task Force.

Law enforcement also relies on help from the community to give them tips. One way to let police know is by going on to this website and submitting a tip.

Dylan McKim



  1. I suggest that the FBI and other LEOS reassess thier definition of who and what qualifies as a so called ‘GANG’. You’ll find that the term ‘Gang’ is too liberally applied to minorities. Meanwhile the majority are organized and sanctioned The Proud Boys, and The Promise Keepers, are considered a ‘CLUB’

    1. That’s some of the dumbest shite I’ve ever heard. Let’s pretend selling crack and doing drive by’s doesn’t happen……….nope its racism…..ffs that’s some next level estupid right there

    2. Did you see what alberto the traitor posted this morning?

      Going Foreword 123 says:
      June 22, 2021 at 7:30 AM
      Gang mentality of ‘NATO’ attacking lone wolf ‘Iran. But Lone-wolf ‘Iran’ continues to repel attacks, standing its ground, and holding his own. GO ‘IRAN’!

      If that traitor donated so much as one dollar towards Iran, He might be charged with “Material Support of a Terrorist Organization. I sent it to the proper guys.

  2. Inter-racial gangs are easy to spot. That’s a hit and a half sticking out like a sore thumb saving taxpayers dollars. No doubt that off duty’ cop who just happened to be in the right place right time to see the Eastside shooting that concluded on Westside was already profiling and tailing the integrated gang cruising his segregated neighborhood.

    1. Is not called profiling when you’re correct. You try and use every taking point that cnn tells you. Segregated neighborhood? You’re just as bad at making up stuff as that other racist guy

  3. I did the math. In a city of 13% Black population At least 8 young asf African American males arrested this month of June alone: and making the evening. 7 of whom were alleged gang/EIOCA and (1 involved alleged animal abuse). Mass Incarceration .So the running joke about reason you don’t see a whom lot of Blacks on the streets of El Paso is because they’re all mostly downtown at the county detention center and jail annex.” is a truism. “Law enforcement in some cities do profile inter-racial relationships for drugs and gang activity”.according to an ACLU endorsed how to book “Driving While Black”-Kenneth Meeks.So Racial Profiling is a good pre-emptive crime fighting tool if it’s used correctly. #MINORITY REPORT”

    1. Huh? El Paso doesn’t have a 13% black population nitwit. That 13% figure is nationally. That is why they are called the 13% when it comes to crime.

    2. I see black folks all the time in EP. You can make up all these stats but the problem is i can go to ep right now and call up my black friends and we can debunk your nonsense

  4. INTEGRATED GANGS: ITS A THING : I remember like 15 years ago or so when the government of El Paso Texas moved on the so called gang known as the Blood Gang in NorthEast El Paso. cCounty attorney Jose Rodriguez imposed a do called Gang Injunction on the members in and around the notorious ‘Devil’s Triangle’ in northeast El Paso that made it illegal for for it’s members to assemble in a given area at a particular time of day. The Bloods resisted it they appealed that such sanctions amounted to Racial Profiling and sought legal help. The NAACP ACLU stepped in to their defense assertion that claiming such measure Gang Injunction amounted to racial profiling and violated A Constitutional rights to Freedom Of Assembly. but county attorney Jose Rodriguez and the district attorney Jose Rodriguez prevailed by pointing out the Bloods Gangs are now very much integrated (infiltrated) and therefore the Blood gang injunction does not amount to Racial Profiling & violation of Freedom Of Assembly’. I was like that’s a great strategy by the Gang TASK Force INTEGRATE & INFILTRATE THE LIBERAL AZZ NIGGAS’.

  5. Gangs are not a problem lmao
    That was in the 90s lol
    There’s a new problem out there that can’t be controlled because it’s out of our country.

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