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Vandals targeting Alamogordo parks with destruction, damage

Examples of recent park vandalism taking place in Alamogordo parks.
City of Alamogordo
Examples of recent park vandalism taking place in Alamogordo parks.

ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico -- City parks in Alamogordo are being "plagued by vandals" who have caused damage for weeks, officials said Thursday as they put out a public plea for help in curbing the destruction.

Assistant City Manager Stephanie Hernandez offered examples of what she described as "weekly destruction that takes place in our parks" from graffiti and other forms of vandalism that are harming the community's sense of pride and detracting from its beauty.

There has been "regular damage to the public restrooms, a destroyed concrete ping pong table, and one of our new picnic tables that was set on fire. Our skate park is tagged and covered in litter weekly, and the most disheartening was the destruction of a newly reseeded area of Washington Park."

Officials said the city's parks staff is now being overwhelmed with work "to clean up the graffiti, the terrible messes that are made in the public restrooms and repairing destruction to city property,” and they called on residents to notify police immediately if they see any suspicious park activity.

“Please help us to get this vandalism under control," pleaded Veronica Ortega, Alamogordo's community services director. "This is a call to our community to step up and help when you see someone defacing and destructing your
taxpayer property."

Authorities indicated they were hopeful for a potential arrest after one park visitor recently snapped a photograph of the license plate number of a car believed to have been used by a vandal. But they also are seeking additional tips to catch all those involved.

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