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Ex-football player may sue EPPD after cops tackled him

EL PASO, Texas -- Former football player Joshua Long says he's considering suing the El Paso Police Department after he was tackled and subdued by multiple officers inside traffic court back in April.

Long told ABC-7 that he went to court to pay a traffic ticket when an employee told him he was violating dress code by wearing sweat pants and sandals and she wouldn't let him see the judge.

That led to a verbal exchange as Long refused to leave, and it then escalated into a scuffle with five officers and two security guards.

A 17-minute video provided by Long shows the April 8th physical altercation.

At the start of the video, Long can be seen having a discussion with someone off camera.

Moments later, several police officers appear and, according to Long, asked him to step outside. Things escalate, with Long yelling to officers he had nothing wrong and refusing to leave. Then officers approach him and engage in a tussle which ends in nine officers tackling him to the ground.

Long said he has struck in the head 8 to 9 times while he was on the floor. After the incident, he said he was taken to the hospital and, once released, he was arrested and charged with trespassing. The charges have since been dropped.

"I didn't break any rules, I didn't break any law, I didn't attack anybody - so there is no real reason why police should've been called, nor to do what they did to me when they came in," Long said.

An El Paso police spokesman confirmed the department's internal affairs unit was reviewing the incident, but said he couldn't comment further because it's an open investigation.

A city of El Paso spokeswoman said the dress code - which includes no shorts, baggy pants or flip-flops - is posted at the courthouse and is printed on the traffic citations.

Long said he challenged officers because he saw someone in shorts who was allowed to remain in court.

JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



  1. Bullsh!t You were told due to your dress you can’t enter the courtroom, turn and walk away but no you thought you’d flex and you were taken down as you should have been. Now act like an adult, put on your big boy pants and get on with your life

  2. Three obviously things went wrong.
    #1″Long said he has struck in the head 8 to 9 times while he was on the floor.
    Didn’t see that. And if you were hit, you should have obeyed the cops orders.
    #2″I didn’t break any rules” Yes you did. You read the posts and you read the citation. You knew the rules.
    #3″no shorts, baggy pants or flip-flops – is posted at the courthouse and is printed on the traffic citations.” Again you broke the policies of the court.
    Pay the fine go on your way. No need for things to escalate. You have an issue, hire a lawyer to look into it. Otherwise, Shut up and go home.

  3. Why can’t some people understand this simple instruction that will make life so much easier: When a police officer gives you instructions, do exactly what they tell you to do.

        1. For the millionth time. Trump asked the protesters to remain peaceful. A few chose not to AGAINST Trumps request. Things didn’t get out of hand until the Capital Police were ordered by Pelosi to let them in. Try reading something other CNN leftist propaganda and stop defending the pedophile Charlie “Mark Turner” Ebdou.

          1. Stevie is actually worse than Alberto. We know Alberto is just plain nuts but Stevie can be dangerous. For sure he is a mean drunk.

        2. What cops nitwit? The Capitol Police were obviously Pelosi’s gestapo. So far 4 have committed suicide since they got their feelings hurt and obviously had serious mental health issues. BLM supporter Lt Michael Byrd murdered Ashli Babbitt in cold blood.

    1. She will have the best headstone around after winning the 10 million dollar lawsuit against reckless Lt Michael Byrd and the gestapo Capitol Police.

    1. How does it feel, to know that every police officer in El Paso County, to include local, county, state and federal agents all have your name alberta?

    1. You are the one with the GED alberto, you are the one in his late 60’s, living in Section Eight government subsidized housing, you are the one that has never had a real career, you are the one that has gone from one minimum wage job to another all of your life, you are the one that got thrown out of the service.

  4. All this nitwit had to do was follow the dress code that all courts in El Paso have and follow police instructions. Until the lawsuit is actually filed it’s not news but hyperbole.

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