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Police detail El Paso apartment worker’s alleged violent attack on 2 women residents

UPDATE, Oct. 5: Silenced with duct tape, choked and punched - those are some of the new details ABC-7 has learned from El Paso police about an attack inside a Lower Valley apartment.

The details come from what two women told detectives happened when an off-duty apartment complex maintenance worker is alleged to have violently assaulted them.

Police said it happened Saturday at the San Montego apartment complex on Kernel Circle near Zaragoza Road.

Authorities described a very scary situation: one night you're just sleeping in your apartment and moments later someone who works for the complex you live at - and someone who you know and have complained to management about previously - is on top of you and strangling you. It's exactly what police said happened to one of the victims, and it's a situation that only escalated from there.

According to a police affidavit obtained by ABC-7, the first victim began to scream for help. Police said the 48-year-old suspect, Victor Tejeda, then attempted to muffle her sounds by covering her mouth with duct tape.

The affidavit said the victim's roommate heard the struggle and tried to come to her aid but was also assaulted. The pair were able to eventually escape and knock on a neighbor's door screaming for help. The first victim suffered several cuts to her nose, head, neck, shoulder and stomach, while the second victim had several injuries from being punched.

According to the affidavit, on numerous occasions the first victim had complained to management staff that Tejeda had entered her apartment several times for no reason.

In a statement provided to ABC-7, the management of the apartment complex said: "The health, safety and comfort of our residents is our number one priority. All employees must pass a criminal background check and drug test prior to employment. Mr. Tejeda was off duty at the time of the alleged crime. His employment has been terminated. Because there is a pending criminal investigation, we cannot comment further at this time."

ORIGINAL REPORT, Oct. 4: EL PASO, Texas -- An off-duty apartment complex maintenance worker was arrested for allegedly entering an apartment and attacking two women - stabbing both of them, El Paso police said Monday.

48-year-old Victor Ruben Tejeda was being held in the downtown jail on $500,000 on multiple felony charges including burglary.

Police said the attacks happened Saturday at the San Montego apartment complex at 9133 Kernel Circle near N. Zaragoza Road in the Lower Valley.

Authorities accused Tejeda of choking a 25-year-old woman and also attacking a 19-year-old woman who tried to come to her aid.

During the incident, he allegedly stabbed both women, who fought him off and ran out of the apartment, banging on neighbors' doors for help, according to police.

Officials indicated Tejeda fled the crime scene and went to Mexico; he was arrested late Sunday while trying to cross back into the U.S. at the Ysleta Port of Entry.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.

Rachel Phillips



  1. on numerous occasions the first victim had complained to management staff that Tejeda had entered her apartment several times for no reason.
    This caca brown fool should have been terminated immediately not till he already committed a crime on the premises.

    1. The Apts claim that they check criminal records. However that’s pretty useless. I have several ex-cons working for me and something like this would be the last thing any of them would do. This person may have no record at all. You can’t go by that anymore.

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