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Three police officers shot in Houston; suspect in custody after hours-long negotiation

Three officers shot in Houston, Tx
Three officers shot in Houston, Tx

UPDATE #3: - The person suspected of shooting three Houston officers has been arrested, police said Thursday night.

UPDATE #2: Police are talking to a suspect who is holed up in an apartment complex according to ABC-13 in Houston. The television station is reporting they understand the suspect has been shot, but do not know the extent of his injuries.

UPDATE #1: Houston police are reporting all three officers who were shot are in stable condition.

HOUSTON, Texas - Houston police are investigating a shooting that injured three officers in the Third Ward area.

The shooting happened Thursday afternoon in the 2100 block of McGowen Street.

According to police, they are actively searching for the suspect involved who fled the scene in a white Mercedes.

It's unclear what led to the shooting at this time. Police are recommending people avoid the area at this time.

ABC News



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