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New Mexico

Statistics: Crime still plagues New Mexico’s largest city

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — New Mexico’s largest city is taking more heat for flaws in its crime statistics.

The the numbers released in July and at the end of 2018 have been revised dramatically to include hundreds — and in some cases thousands — more incidents than were reported initially.

The city blames a lack of staffing at the records unit that prepared the data and a software glitch.

Reasons for the inaccuracies come two months after in October that the city amended many of its midyear statistics, noting that several categories of crimes had declined by far lesser percentages than originally touted by city officials.

The corrected figures showed aggravated assaults declined by just 7.5%, not 33%. Rape decreased 3%, not 29%, and auto theft decreased 22%, not 39%.

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