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BC-Tuesday Spotlight, ADVISORY


The following story will move Monday as this week’s Tuesday Spotlight, a feature showcasing the best off-the-news enterprise in the AP report:


SYRACUSE, N.Y. _ College editors struggle these days to keep their newspapers going _ evidence of how the news industry’s woes have seeped onto campuses that try to harness youthful energy and idealism to turn out professionals who can inform the world. Meanwhile, college journalism educators are changing the way they teach in a race against obsolescence, emphasizing versatility and encouraging a spirit of entrepreneurship. But after some brutal years, there are signs of life. Much as the journalistic pursuit of a crooked president in the 1970s inspired a generation, another leader who denounces reporters as enemies on a nearly daily basis has given birth to a new resolve: Enrollment in journalism programs is up. By David Bauder. UPCOMING: 1,900 words, photos, graphic, 1,000-word abridged version.

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