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Nevada’s Area 51 braces for alien hunter invasion later this month

The military’s Area 51 in Nevada is bracing for an invasion of amateur alien hunters later this month.

It all started as a joke Facebook event: “Storm Area 51,” read Matty Roberts’ Facebook event page. “They can’t stop all of us.”

Two million people marked themselves as “attending” the event to take place Sept. 20.

While local businesses are preparing for a potential influx of people later this month, the area is quite rural.

The closest community to the U.S. government’s Area 51 site in Nevada is Rachel, a town of 52 people.

Connie West, owner of the Little Ale ‘E’ Inn, has restaurant seating for up to 40 people and has 10 bedrooms for people to stay.

She’s both excited and terrified about the potential mass of people coming to town.

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