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Elderly woman dies after SUV crashes into Northeast home before Christmas

SUV crashes into Northeast El Paso home
SUV crashes into Northeast El Paso home

EL PASO, Texas - 87-year-old Ruriko Denison has died, according to El Paso police, after she was critically injured when an SUV crashed into her home in Northeast El Paso the day before Christmas Eve.

Police arrested 41-year-old Margaret Cantu.

According to court documents obtained by the ABC-7 I-team, Cantu has four previous DWI convictions.

She also allegedly handed a witness a Budlight specialty beer and asked the witness to get rid of it, that witness refused.

A friend of the family tells ABC-7 that Denison died during a surgery for injuries she suffered after the crash.

Cantu is charged with Intoxication Assault and was booked into El Paso County Detention Facility with a $250,000 bond.

It is unclear if the charges against Cantu will be upgraded.

Trisha Garcia

Trisha Garcia is an ABC-7 producer.



  1. With 4 prior DUI’s under her belt, I would hope she goes away for a good long stretch this time. I’m not holding my breath though, this is El Paso where DUI manslaughter perps only get a slap on the wrist, i.e. “The Choir Boy.”

    1. Yep. 4 priors and she obviously wasn’t afraid of legal consequences.
      Ruriko is a Japanese name. Marries, moves to a new land, lives to be 87, only to be killed in her bed.

  2. Give the CAREER DRUNK a shit-ton of booze and make her drink it all. Alcohol poisoning sounds like a good death sentence. But, the way this city treats the drunks and the citizens, she’ll be out sooner than later. Biatch!!!

  3. Jamesben put in a dollar into retirement and wants to take 1000. Classic double dippers injury faking morons. Oxygen sucking amoebas useless to El Pasoans. So shut up and be grateful Homer.

  4. Has anyone noticed how K1DPR, jamesben, truthofthematter and fero2a have to give their angry opinion on everything? Aleays have to throw in some nasty remark about brown people. A true definition of internet troll.


      1. I will always speak out against bigotry and homophobia jamesben. Your views are hateful and always directed towards the less fortunate. Count your blessings and stop being so judgemental. You are one unhappy person.

        1. Delusional dumbass Alberto aka Daniel Flores is obviously El Paso’s number 1 bigot and racist. His unhinged and rabid rants prove it. Hateful, unhappy troll with a worthless life. Now go jump off a cliff dolt!

          1. OMG you are the one who is delusional. I know you are not used to being clapped at but CLAP CLAP. Folks read all my comments. They have never sounded psychotic like fero2a. I pray for your mental health.

    1. You guys are out of control. Instead of praying for the grieving family, you guys just fight like little b*tches. The Denison family needs to be respected in their time of grief. Whine elsewhere.

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