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3 new virus deaths as hospitalizations soar in El Paso

walmart drive thru testing
Heath care workers walk patients through self-administered Covid-19 testing at a Walmart drive-thru testing site in El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- The El Paso Department of Public Health on Friday reported three additional coronavirus deaths and 276 new cases, the second largest single-day spike.

There were 13 more hospitalizations Friday morning, with the total number of those in hospitals with the virus more than doubling in just 10 days.

The latest virus fatalities included two men in their 80s and a woman in her 90, health officials said.

There have now been 135 deaths in El Paso. The total number of known cases now stands at 6,665, of those 2,303 are considered active -- a new all-time high. The health department reported 4,227 people have recovered.

Hospitalizations continue to surge, reaching a new a peak Friday of 193. In just the past week, El Paso hospitals have admitted 75 new Covid-19 patients.

However, the number of ICU patients decreased by five to 69. There are 25 patients on ventilators, which also dropped by five.

For a complete look at the city's coronavirus data, click here.

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Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



  1. The low number of 13 isn’t the point. It has more to do with the fact that we are running out of available ICU beds and hospital beds in general. When you juxtapose the number of available beds to the number 13, it gets serious right away.

    1. According to the El Paso webpage, there are 234 staffed ICU beds and 285 total ICU beds available in El Paso County. 482 respirators are available. 193 patients are hospitalized, 69 in ICU, and 25 on ventilators. I maintain my premise of sensationalistic “Yellow Journalism!”

  2. You must be a graduate of The Trump School of Journalism. All of this figures are not Crude Exaggerations. You are just crowing what your inept leader has been saying all along. “This Covid19 is nothing,” he has been saying since it started. “All a hoax, a little flu,” he says to the American people. Yellow Journalism? More like Orange Journalism!

  3. Mark is seeing things as they really are. Kid is filtering his views through Trumponomics, which is based on Deny, Deny, Deny, until his people believe his denials. Like sheep being calmly led to slaughter, these Trump believers. Sad to see!

      1. Nobody is arguing with you. Another thing to consider iscthat just because there were 13 hospitalized, that doesn’t mean they went into ICU beds.

    1. If the MSM and their democrat handlers would start telling us the truth we would be fine. New study show hydroxychloroquine IS effective. MSM sitting on it and refusing to run the story. Why? Because they would rather see people die than prove Trump right. Sick.

        1. Wrong. That was only the Communist Nitwit Networks response. Could have saved A LOT of lives. But of course democrats don’t care about lives. You’re all perfectly ok with Cuomo Killing thousands in nursing homes and thousands more by not using an effective drug just as long as they make our President look bad. And don’t give us this crap about how he makes himself look bad. It’s just more of your ignorant, brainwashing propaganda that only democratic sheep like you believe. Trump is being under-mined and set up around every corner and yet he is still kicking butt and taking names. All democrats care about is seeing the death toll rise. There reward is coming though. General Flynn will be suing every last one of the corrupt Obama administration linchpins and those families who lost loved ones because they were not given Hydroxychloroquine will sue the rest. BYE BYE Democratic party.

          1. The drug is not an effective or safe treatment for Covid-19. That is the fact. Deal with it and stop ranting like a nut job.

      1. We don’t have to worry about that. This had nothing to do with the orange buffoon being right or wrong. It had to do with some results of research producing “abberant” data. It’s still not an approved treatment for covid19. I found out about it on the PBS Newshour. Another thing; in the 3.75 years the orange buffoon has been in office, he’s maybe done 3 things right. And, of course, thats only when his advisors forced him to do it. There is no point in arguing about the orange buffoon anymore. He’s already talking about dropping out of the race. Hopefully he will and save us the trouble of removing him from office for criminal malfeasance. If the election were held today, Biden would win 400 electoral votes.

        1. Scary thought. There cannot possibly be enough stupid, uneducated people in this country who would vote for Biden. The man has been in politics for over 40 years and hasn’t accomplished a thing except for corruption, selling our country out and playing a role in creating the largest division this country has ever seen. Anyone who would vote for that moron should tried for treason.

          1. I think it was the orange buffoon who has now been caught a second time selling our country out to the Russians.

          2. Uneducated? Isn’t it the Republicans who think man made global warming is a hoax?

  4. The idiot cheerful robot Markturner69 and his comadre ux2drna both of them are psychopaths coronavirus promoters. I guess they are paid by those who benefit by spreading the coronavirus farce such as hospitals en political leaders.

    1. You’re not reading these posts closely enough. Its the orange buffoon and his followers who think the virus will just “go away”. You need to pay attention to who says what or you’ll get behind.

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