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Woman in her 20s among 26 new virus deaths reported in El Paso

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EL PASO, Texas (KVIA) -- El Paso health officials announced 26 new coronavirus-related deaths Wednesday morning, along with 267 new cases.

The victims include a woman in her 20s. She is one of six other people in their 20s to die of the virus in El Paso. The other victims include:

  • 1 male in his 30s
  • 1 female in her 40s
  • 1 male in his 40s
  • 1 male in his 50s
  • 7 females in their 60s
  • 1 male in his 60s
  • 3 males in their 70s
  • 4 females in their 70s
  • 2 males in their 80s
  • 2 females in their 80s
  • 1 male in his 90s
  • 1 female in her 90s

The death toll now stands at 1,452.

Hospitalizations decreased from 428 to 402. That's the fewest Covid-19 patients El Paso has had since Oct. 15. There are 159 patients in the ICU.

There are currently 34,372 known active cases. Since the start of the pandemic, at least 98,017 people have been infected with the virus in El Paso. More than 61,000 people have recovered.

For a complete look at El Paso's Covid-19 data, click here.

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Mauricio Casillas

El Paso native Mauricio Casillas co-anchors ABC-7’s Good Morning El Paso.



  1. Isn’t it odd, that this virus effects people so differently? Some healthy people in their 20’s get it and die where as some in their 60’s or older get it and barely knew they had it.

  2. Remember this, Joe Biden?
    Remember how you and your administration screwed up the swine flu pandemic? It went about as well as those shovel ready jobs you were in charge of creating but didn’t. And now, you have all the answers, as President Trump and his administration, working with our pharmaceutical companies, are rolling out tens of millions of doses of vaccines within 10-months of the China virus hitting our shores. Nobody believed it could be done, including Fauci. But Trump said it would be done, and it was done. It’s damn near a miracle. And an untold number of lives are being saved. So, why don’t you go back to your basement, with your mask on of course, and shut up.

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