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WATCH: President Biden caught on hot mic calling reporter “What a stupid son of a b—-.”

Editors Note: The video clip contains profanity in audio and written form.

WASHINGTON -- Following a meeting on efforts to lower prices for families due to inflation, a hot mic caught President Biden using profanity aimed at a reporter's question.

Fox's Peter Doocy asked President Biden if inflation would be a liability in the midterms.

President Biden could be heard saying. "That's a great asset. More inflation. What a stupid son of a b----."

The White House has not immediately commented on the incident.

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David Gonzalez

ABC-7’s digital content director



      1. You can’t even list senile Joe’s accomplishments nitwit. We already know all his failures so no need to argue with morons like you since you will defend him and spin like a top.

  1. If Trump said that the leftist media would want his head on a platter. Doocy should be given a medal for ruffling senile Joe’s feathers. Joe is one stupid SOB.

    1. Considering the disastrous state that Biden has left our country in the past year, clearly we are on the right side. Everyone of those ‘crazy conspiracy” theories that MAGAs have been warning about for yeears now have come true and liberal morons like you are the ones left with the stupid label.

  2. Both that liar Psaki and the useless Pentagon spokesman said troops aren’t going anywhere until Putin does something, meaning, Putin will get his land bridge between the Russian Federation and the Crimean Peninsula, and Bidung can do nothing except put some meaningless sanction on Russia. Of course Putin can cut western Europe’s natural gas off.

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