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  1. Madmike now wants a kickback. Sit at home and be fed by taxpayers. How he eats. Challenge me on this maggot pig. In return the maggot pig will give out a false address of Alberto. Lol.. His only defense.

  2. Expected quotes, if Russia invades Ukraine:
    Pelosi: Will that affect my supply of ice cream?
    Biden: Good thing that I don’t purchase my diapers, there. AOC: What’s an invasion?
    Omar: Sambaty deed samtin!
    Rashida: Kill all the Jews, while you’re at it.
    Psaki: Apparently, Russia circled back!
    CNN: There’s evidence that Trump helped Putin plan the invasion.
    MSN: White supremacists join Ukraine invasion.
    WAPO: Russian invaders seen wearing red MAGA hats
    NYT: unspecified sources claimed that this was Trump’s idea.
    Swalwell: I wonder, if I can get laid with a Russian spy?
    Hilary: Was it my fault, for lying about Trump’s collusion with Russia?
    Schiff: I have more information about the invasion!

  3. I asked the resident hillbilly traitors what their solution would be to the Ukraine problem and they had no response. Or no credible response. Still nothing but treasonous filth.

  4. There is nothing the United States or NATO can physically do. We purged all of our POMCUS stocks out of Europe decades ago. There is nothing to fight with. Secondly, Obama/Biden put the current “President” of Ukraine in power. Thirdly, should the Russian Army go in, they wat that land bridge to Crimea, not the rest of Ukraine. I explained that is detail, even identifying the particular unit to be involved, but out sub-human is too stupid to understand.

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