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El Paso Moms sharing breast milk amid formula shortage

EL PASO, Texas – An El Paso mom is offering to share her breast milk with other mothers due to a nationwide shortage of baby formula.

One delivery is happening today in downtown El Paso.

The opportunity came up through a Facebook group, Moms on Board.

A lawmaker says the White House is 'strongly' considering using Defense Production Act to address the infant formula shortage,

Click here for Fact sheet on finding formula

Dylan McKim



  1. A Republican Congresswoman found out that Biden is sending vast amounts of pallets of baby formula to the Border Patrol to feed illegals, while our stores are low or out. Plenty of it in a local CBP warehouse!

  2. Biden isn’t sending anything anywhere you morons. The formula on hand at CBP and Border Patrol processing and detention centers was ordered and purchased by Homeland Security months before the Abbott Labs plant was shut down triggering the shortage.

  3. The Socialist-Democrat Oath:
    If it’s evidence-we destroy it;
    If it’s female-we grope it;
    If it’s perversion-we promote it;
    If it’s law enforcement-we condemn it;
    If it’s law breakers-we encourage it;
    If it moves-we regulate it;
    If it’s still-we tax it;
    If it’s your money-we spend it;
    If it’s racist-we embrace it;
    If someone needs saving-we save them from themselves;
    If it’s a mandate-we keep it;
    If we’re doing it–we’ll say that you’re doing it over and over again;
    If it’s a criminal-we memorialize it.
    If we blame the Republicans-we’re actually doing it.
    And if it favor’s foreigners over Americans-we vote for it.

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