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El Paso Electric launches new tool to educate people on electric vehicles

EL PASO, Texas -- With gas prices continuing to soar across the Borderland, El Paso Electric says now might be the perfect time to switch to an electric vehicle.

The utility launched it's EV shopping tool website to help you find the perfect electric vehicle for you.

The website lets you learn about all the makes and models that are on the market right now.

You can filter your search by your commute, your budget, and even where you'll be able to charge your car.

You can compare vehicles, learn about savings and incentives available to you if you live in Texas or New Mexico.

El Paso Electric says the tool was launched to also help clear up any misconceptions your might have.

Supervisor of Electrification at El Paso Electric Angie Rodriguez told ABC-7 it took about a year to develop and launch the website.

"Here at El Paso Electric, we strive to support electrification of transportation in our region," Rodriguez said. "That's why we launched this online EV shopping tool, because it allows customers to find electric vehicles that fit their needs."

There is, however, one big issue. Demand for electric vehicles is sky-high, but the supply just isn't there yet. El Paso electric says it still wants you to be able to have a tool like this to decide down the line if an EV is right for you.

"What we're hearing is that the supply chain shortages should be resolved by the end of this year," Rodriguez said. "So don't give up if you want an electric car. There are so many different models out there and you just have to shop around and see where it's available."

It's important to note, you can't purchase a car on this website, but Rodriguez said they want to add a feature in the near feature where they'll be able to pin-point you to available cars at local dealerships.

El Paso Electric is also hosting free events where you'll be able see EV's in-person.

The website is available in English and Spanish.

To learn more about electric vehicles, click here.

Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.


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