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El Paso leaders vote to approve an emergency ordinance to help local leaders prepare for a potential migrant surge

EL PASO, Texas – An emergency ordinance was issued by the city Monday to help local leaders prepare for a potential migrant surge if and when Title 42 is lifted.

The ordinance initially failed in the vote because District 6 representative Claudia Rodriguez voted no because she wants to see an emergency declaration go into effect which would call the state and federal governments to step in.

After many members of council voiced their concern, they voted to reconsider the ordinance.

"This community will remember that we had an opportunity here today to be prepared and to help them," Alexsandra Annello District 2 city representative said. "If we don't do something and Ruben can't take them, thousands of people are going to be left on the streets of downtown."

In the second vote, Rep. Rodriguez voted yes after the Mayor promised her that if the situation got worse, he would declare an emergency declaration.

Both the Mayor and County Judge can call an emergency declaration. On Thursday of last week, a draft emergency declaration was written but was never sent, in part because Title 42 wasn't lifted, and many El Paso leaders don't think the migrant situation is extreme enough.

"We're really worried that the governor would get the letter, because it was going to the governor and that he would send the national guard to the border or the DPS to the border and create a scene that is not welcome in our community," Mayor Oscar Leeser said.

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