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El Paso City Council to discuss action following arrest of Representative Sam Morgan

Sam Morgan council
El Paso City Council representative Sam Morgan listens in council chambers during a legislative discussion.

El Paso City Council is scheduled vote Tuesday to take action against District 4 Rep. Sam Morgan after he was arrested and accused with assaulting his wife on Oct. 4

The agenda for Tuesday's council meeting has two items. The first one calls for a discussion and a vote on a resolution that would censure, or condemn, Morgan for the accusations he is facing. The second one states the City's lawyer will lead a discussion to potentially remove Morgan's title of Alternate Mayor Pro Tempore.

"The reason we're doing this is as public officials we are held to higher standards," District 7 Rep. Henry Rivera said.

Some state lawmakers and El Paso Congresswoman Veronica Escobar have called on the council to take action by insisting Morgan resign.

"In conversations with other elected officials, we have talked about how there's been silence on this issue," State Representative Mary Gonzalez said. "Domestic violence is really serious it's an epidemic in this country and we need to be able to say that people should be held accountable for these actions."

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo told ABC-7 there is little that the council can do to remove a representative unless there is a conviction.

Madeline Ottilie

Madeline Ottilie is a reporter on Good Morning El Paso and co-anchors ABC-7 at noon.


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