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Trump impeachment trial rules approved by Senate after marathon session

WASHINGTON, DC -- The U.S. Senate early Wednesday adopted the rules for the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump on a party line vote of 53-47.

The vote came after nearly 13 hours of debate.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer proposed 11 amendments to the rules, all of which were killed by Senate Republicans. Many of those proposed amendments sought to have witnesses testify and to subpoena documents.

The Senate adjourned for the end of the first day of the trial right after the vote to approve the rules.

At the start of the session, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell unveiled his resolution on rules for the trial — and House impeachment managers complained about the proposed rules, claiming McConnell was orchestrating a cover-up.

McConnell's plan initially would've forced impeachment managers to deliver their case in two marathon 12-hour sessions that could stretch into the middle of the night. Democrats said the shortened timeline was an effort to "conceal the President's misconduct in the dark of night."

The resolution approved calls for 24 hours of arguments over three days -- not two -- after moderate GOP Sen. Susan Collins of Maine objected.

As senators were stuck in their seats listening to hours of arguments, U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts was taking notes.

It was still expected that opening arguments in the trial would take place sometime later Wednesday.

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