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Trump holds 1st campaign rally of pandemic after 6 staffers get virus

AP via ABC News
President Donald Trump supporters cheer at a Trump campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

TULSA, Oklahoma — Thousands of President Donald Trump's supporters gathered in Tulsa Saturday evening for his first campaign rally in more than 100 days as he tries to reinvigorate his re-election bid in the midst of a pandemic, a recession and a national debate over racism.

The campaign suggested the rally would be the largest indoor gathering in the world during the pandemic. But the crowds were sparse in the arena, with many of the seats in the upper levels empty.

As of Saturday night, the U.S. has more than 2.2 million confirmed cases of coronavirus and over 114,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. Several states, including Oklahoma, have seen a recent rise in cases as economies re-open.

Trump brought up the virus's origins in China, much to the amusement of the crowd: "Covid-19. That name gets further and further away from China as opposed to calling it the Chinese virus." He also referred to it as the "kung flu."

The rally took place after Trump’s campaign reported that six staff members who helped set up for the rally tested positive for coronavirus.

The campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, said in a statement that “quarantine procedures” were immediately initiated and no staff member who tested positive would attend the event. He said no one who had immediate contact with those staffers would attend, either.

Murtaugh said campaign staff members were tested for Covid-19 as part of the campaign’s safety protocols.

Campaign officials said everyone attending the rally was given temperature checks before they passed through security. They were also given masks to wear, if they want, and hand sanitizer at the 19,000-seat BOK Center.

Tulsa has seen cases of Covid-19 spike in the past week, and the local health department director asked that the rally be postponed. But Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt said it would be safe. The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Friday denied a request that everyone attending the indoor rally be required to wear a mask, and few in the crowd Saturday evening were wearing them.

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    1. Wrong guy again. Can’t you stay on point? Its really not hard to act like an adult. You don’t have to try to intimidate others when you’re losing the argument. Act like a grown man.

    1. Thats not what the current research says. They’ve gone back to saying asymptomatic people can spread it. They go back and forth on this. Who knows?

  1. Don’t care if the Trump supporters get Covid19, but they are going to infect thousands of innocent people. Half empty stadium being blamed on 170 protesters outside the Arena. Trump spin machine going at full throttle. IT’S FAKE MEDIA’S FAULT. IT’S BLM. IT’S OBAMAS FAULT!

    1. How many attended Joe Biden’s last rally?…….crickets? Even half if true of 19000 capacity is 9500. About the same indoor size of the El Paso Maga rally. Thousands were outside.

        1. Latest nationwide poll: Sleepy Joe up by 12 points over the orange buffoon. Democrats can’t wait til the orange buffoon holds another white trash meet and greet and makes another speech. I’m beginning to think the DNC is writing his speeches. How do they get him to give them?

          1. Come on unless he is up by 95 points he will lose. Recall Hillary? Polls said she has a 95% chance of winning. lmao.

    1. Done-all-crap possible Trump needs yours. But it won’t help. He’s done, put a fork on him. Wait for another 8 years before you have another idiot Republican President. And maybe NOT!

    2. Biden2020. Easy win. By then the maga caca filth will be corona-ized. Don’t wear masks dale Earnhardt’s!!!!! You have rights. Wooohooooo!!!!!! They are fathst!!!!!! Listen to the trump! Reality star. Lol.

  2. Self extinction. Let them all go, Dont west masks. And slober all over themselves. Less republican votes. Go ahead!!! Please. You have rights don’t forget. Scientists are lying.

    1. You mean Joe Biden’s rally was a flop? 20 people? Not good at math I see. 2/3 or 66% of 19,000 is 12,500 dolt. BTW – It was an indoor arena not a stadium so you are fake news. The bottom line is 12480 more people attended Trump’s Tulsa rally than Biden’s which was last week. Trump in a total landslide victory this November. Obviously for you Democraps/Libturds crowd size does matter. Spin all you want.

  3. JamesBen, if you come down with Covid, I will be completely okay with that. You’re a Trumptard so there’s nothing to ponder over before I type.


  4. The orange buffoon conducts a regular white trash extravaganza. If millions were supposed to be there, why couldn’t they fill the venue? Some probably stayed in the parking lot watching UFOs or communists.

    1. What a dolt! A million registered to attend but that doesn’t mean all will show up. Besides realistically Tulsa OK can’t handle an influx of a million people. It only has a population of 400,000. Regardless well over 12,500 Trump supporters were physically in the BOK arena That’s 12,480 more people than Biden had at his rally last week. BTW – I heard you were real white trash living in an adobe hut or trailer in the lower valley. You attend any Biden rallies? lmao. TRUMP 2020!

        1. He didn’t have any before COVID-19 either. He doesn’t conduct rallies like Trump’s due to a serious lack of attendance. You are fake news. LMAO.

    2. Fill the venue? You ever hear of the COVID-19 moron? Since crowd size matters to libtards it looks like your buddy Joe Biden is going to lose bigly his November. Extrapolate that dolt.

    1. You ever been to a Joe Biden speech? What did he say other than gibberish? Your TDS makes you look really stupid. It sounds like you are suffering from white trash shaming.

      1. Sleepy Joe doesn’t have to make speeches. The orange buffoon helps the Democrats each time he makes one. Let the orange buffoon do all the talking. Sleepy Joe can sleep through the whole thing and we we’ll wake him up in January for his inauguration.

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