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Biden to suspend oil and gas drilling leases in Arctic refuge

Oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic Refuge.
Oil drilling in Alaska's Arctic Refuge.

WASHINGTON, DC — The Biden administration plans to suspend oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, a senior administration official confirmed Tuesday, undoing a move made by the Trump administration late last year.

The decision comes after President Joe Biden issued an executive order earlier this year instructing the Interior secretary to place a temporary moratorium on oil and gas leasing activities there, pending a review. The President’s order pointed to “alleged legal deficiencies underlying the program,” such as the “inadequacy” of its previous environmental review.

The Trump administration last November started a leasing process for oil and gas drilling sites off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, something environmental groups viewed as a potential last-minute giveaway to the energy industry before the Biden administration took over.

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  1. Good for Sleepy Joe. After this levy a $1 billion dollar fine on any piece of human shit that even suggests drilling up there. Human scum need to be in jail cells.

  2. Gasoline has already gone up over $1.00 per gallon since Biden assumed the Presidency. Liberal itwits like Turner aka Charlie Hebdo/Alberto will just bend over and take it. He wants gas prices to go up higher to justify that useless EV he bought last year that has been sitting out in the parking lot. I seriously doubt the Ridgemar section 8 apartments has an EV charging station.

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