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Biden thanks service members in Christmas remarks


By Donald Judd, CNN

President Joe Biden thanked service members stationed across the globe for their service in a Christmas Day virtual meeting from the White House.

“The holidays really bring into sharp focus, being apart is — it’s just part of the job, but it’s the hard part of the job, and it’s who you guys are,” he told representatives of all six armed services.

“I know hard it is for you, but quite frankly, it’s harder for your husbands, wives, moms, dads, children, to be apart or on duty during a season of togetherness, and we Bidens understand that,” the President told military units stationed in Bahrain, Qatar, Romania and Colorado via video conference.

“We still, every once in a while, look at that empty chair — and, you know, service to your country is, whether you’re in Iraq, or you know — Beau spent a year in Iraq with the Delaware Army National Guard. We remember that, what it felt like, as I said, and all those birthdays and other occasions, celebrations where you’re not together.”

The Bidens’ late son, former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, deployed to Iraq in 2008 as part of a National Guard deployment. He died in 2015 from brain cancer.

In his remarks on Saturday, the President said the military was “the solid steel spine of the nation,” adding that they remain, “always vigilant, always ready when duty calls, 365 days a year.”

“And during the holiday season, as we pray for peace and spread joy and glad tidings, we also look for hope for the possibility of a better year, and to give thanks, and give thanks to everything, for everything we’ve gotten, to you, your service, your families,” he added.

Biden was joined on the call by first lady Jill Biden and the newly minted-first puppy, Commander, who arrived at the White House earlier this week.

“We were going to send this guy over,” Biden joked.

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    1. No, they all do. He’s never called them losers and suckers. Most of our military are true patriots. The small group that are not are being hunted down as we speak. We’ll get ’em all in the end.

        1. Biden didn’t kill 13 of of our soldiers either. Isis killed them. If you would pay your past due electric bill and turn on your TV, you’d know this. The troops I know hate Trump because he called them suckers and losers. The few troops who do like Trump are being located and discharged from the service. After that, the real patriots will deal with the treasonous s.c.u.m.

          1. It’s liar Char Lie Dumbo. You don’t know any troops nitwit. Go take a poll at Ft Bliss and see how many hate senile Joe. You’re delusional as ever.

          2. Not only is it his clearly fault the soldiers were killed but he killed innocent civilians in a Kabul drone strike. 7 of them were children.

          3. The losers and suckers fake news story was debunked back in September 2020 nitwit. Stop spreading leftist fake news. John Bolton wrote:

            “The weather was bad, and Kelly and I spoke about whether to travel as planned to the Chateau-Thierry Belleau Wood monuments and nearby American Cemeteries, where many US World War I dead were buried.”

            On Friday, Bolton confirmed his account in an interview with the Times, and added that he never heard Trump say “losers” or “suckers.”

            Bolton said in an interview:

            “I didn’t hear that… but I was there for that discussion.”

            Bolton also had an interview with Bloomberg where he said:

            “I didn’t hear him say those things.”

      1. I live in NE El Paso and have MANY military friends and I’ve spent most of my career working on campuses that support military families. They ALL HATE BIDEN and MISS TRUMP

  1. Some how senile Joe always makes military matters concerning our troops about his dead son Beau who was not killed in combat. No one cares. Even the family members of the 13 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan complained about that.

        1. I believe you have proven time and again that you are the coward. To begin with, you supported the draft dodger in chief, Donald Trump. You’re a coward madmike. An uneducated coward.

          1. Unlike you, i served over 20 years in the Army with a combat tour, then 20 plus years with a federal law enforcement agency. What the hell have you ever done sissy boy?

          2. You’re a nobody. All you have done in your entire life is rape girls and spend time in prison.

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