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Jackson marks her historic confirmation with a moving speech: ‘We’ve made it. All of us’


By Kate Sullivan, CNN

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson marked her historic confirmation to the Supreme Court with a moving speech from the White House on Friday, in which she celebrated the “hope and promise” of a nation where it was possible for her family to go from living under segregation to a Supreme Court appointment in one generation.

“It has taken 232 years and 115 prior appointments for a Black woman to be selected to serve on the Supreme Court of the United States. But we’ve made it. We’ve made it. All of us,” Jackson said while standing alongside President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Jackson continued, “And our children are telling me that they see now more than ever that here in America anything is possible. They also tell me that I am a role model, which I take both as an opportunity and as a huge responsibility.”

“I am feeling up to the task, primarily because I know that I am not alone,” Jackson said. “I am standing on the shoulders of my own role models, generations of Americans who never had anything close to this kind of opportunity, but who got up every day and went to work believing in the promise of America. Showing others through their determination and, yes, their perseverance that good, good things can be done in this great country.”

The judge quoted the late poet Maya Angelou and said, “I do so now while bringing the gifts my ancestors gave. I am the dream and the hope of the slave.”

Jackson said her confirmation to the nation’s highest court was something “all Americans can take great pride” in, and said the US has “come a long way toward perfecting our union.”

Biden celebrated Jackson’s confirmation and said, “This is going to let so much … sun shine on so many young women, so many young Black women, so many minorities. That it’s real.”

He continued, “Nothing to do with me — we’re going to look back and see this as a moment of real change in American history.”

The President said, “It is a powerful thing when people can see themselves in others,” and added that belief was “one of the reasons I believe so strongly that we needed a court that looks like America.”

Biden said Jackson endured “verbal abuse” during her Senate confirmation hearings, and praised her for her “poise and composure” in the face of the attacks from Republicans.

“The anger, the constant interruptions, the most vile, baseless assertions and accusations. In the face of it all, Judge Jackson showed the incredible character and integrity she possesses. Poise. Poise and composure. Patience and restraint. And yes, perseverance, and even joy,” Biden said.

Biden thanked the three Republicans who voted with Democrats in favor of Jackon’s confirmation — Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Mitt Romney of Utah and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. The vote count was 53-47 in the Senate.

“They deserve enormous credit for setting aside partisanship and making a carefully considered judgment based on the judge’s character, qualifications and independence,” Biden said, naming the three senators.

The vice president said while she was presiding over the Senate confirmation vote on Thursday she drafted a note to her goddaughter.

“I told her that I felt such a deep sense of pride and joy, and about what this moment means for our nation and for her future,” Harris said. “And I will tell you, her braids are just a little longer than yours, but as I wrote to her, I told her what I knew this would mean for her life and all that she has in terms of potential.”

Harris said, “The road toward our more perfect union is not always straight and it is not always smooth. But sometimes it leads to a day like today. A day that reminds us what is possible, what is possible when progress is made. And that the journey, well it will always be worth it.”

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Jackson in a vote that paves the way for her to become the first Black woman to serve on the nation’s highest court. Jackson’s confirmation is a significant bipartisan victory for Democrats that comes at a time when the US faces a number of challenges at home and abroad, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and sky-high inflation.

One of those challenges — the Covid-19 pandemic — loomed over the celebratory event.

Harris was a close contact after her communications director tested positive for Covid-19 this week. A White House official said the vice president would not wear a mask at the outdoor event and would instead remain “distanced” from others.

Current US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendations specify that an individual who is considered to be a close contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 should wear a mask around others for 10 days after from the date of the last contact. The guidelines do not say that that person can be mask-less around others if they are practicing social distancing.

The event comes days after two members of Biden’s Cabinet — Attorney General Merrick Garland and Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo — announced they tested positive for Covid-19. Several high-profile Washington figures, including lawmakers and other White House and administration staffers, also tested positive after attending the annual Gridiron dinner.

The dinner brings together some of the city’s most prominent journalists, including from CNN, and the government officials they cover. Attendees had their vaccination status checked, but negative Covid-19 tests were not required to enter.

In September 2020, a White House event where President Donald Trump announced his choice to nominate then-Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was ultimately labeled by public health experts as a coronavirus superspreader event. At least a dozen people who were at the Rose Garden event — including Trump — confirmed they had contracted Covid-19 shortly after their attendance. Vaccinations for Covid-19 were not yet available and would be authorized months later.

At the time, the tightly packed ceremony where public health guidance was flouted and many went maskless and social distancing went largely unobserved underscored the Trump White House’s mismanagement of the Covid-19 crisis. Trump had suggested in conversations with advisers that masked and socially distanced events would project weakness against the pandemic and could contradict his claims the outbreak was “rounding the corner.”

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield on Friday told CNN’s John Berman that the country is in a “very different place” in the pandemic than it was when Trump hosted the White House event for Barrett.

“Certainly we have seen an increase in cases. We know that the BA.2 variant is very transmissible. We are taking many, many precautions. We take precautions to ensure that the President is protected,” Bedingfield said on CNN’s “New Day.”

She continued, “But I do think it is important to note that, you know, it is possible he will test positive for Covid at some point. And we’re in a very different place than we were for example when they held that event for Justice Barrett. Which is to say we have vaccines, we have treatments. The President is vaccinated and double boosted, and so protected from severe Covid.”

The President on Wednesday interacted with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has since tested positive for Covid-19. The two were seen next to each other at a bill signing event. The White House has said Biden was not considered a close contact of Pelosi. The White House also said the President tested negative Friday morning as part of regularly scheduled testing and that Biden will continue to be tested regularly.

The CDC, which has shifted its guidance on various parts of the pandemic response a few times throughout the last two years, currently says that in general people do not need to wear masks when they are outdoors. The CDC recommends people who are not fully vaccinated wear a mask in crowded outdoor settings or during activities that involve sustained close contact with other people.

Jackson will be officially sworn in to the Supreme Court after Justice Stephen Breyer retires sometime this summer. Until then, she will remain in her current position on the US Court of Appeals, a White House official told CNN.

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    1. So you have a Dictionary. Congratulations! And gives you the definition of Human beings. You’re doing better than the cretins in Congress who own a Dictionary and refused to look up the definition of Woman. Hey Judge Jackson?? What is the definition of bigot racists? Answer- Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham, and Josh Hawley.

        1. Correction—making remarks only about White people who overtly show their disdain for race equality and fair play for all minorities So yeah…I call you White Racist bigots. You know who you are!!

  1. First Supreme Court justice to be selected because of race and gender. No better qualifications than anyone else. Doesn’t know what a “woman” is! Sheesh.

        1. Nope. Speaking of political activism on the bench Just ask Judge Roberts about the Shadow Docket the other 5 conservative judges practice. Or ask Judge Thomas about his wife Ginni and her call to overthrow the government. Hmmmm.

          1. She never called to overthrow anything. She asked for a fair count. That’s it. Just like everyone else.

  2. Leave it to the racist democrats to do the complete opposite of what Dr.
    Martin Luther King Jr. said. Typical Democrat ident.i.t.y politics.

  3. Darn those racists Democrats. All 50 of them voted for Judge Brown–a Black female. And those 3 Republicans—all KKK members who made an exception and voted for Black judge to the highest court in the land. Go figure!

  4. White Supremacists are still getting over Obama, the first Black American President, and the first Black vice president. Now there’s a Black female Supreme Court Justice??? Lordy be! What’s this country coming too!!

    1. All those things are great. It’s unfortunate that Obama turned out to be the first black President and one of the worst Presidents in history and one who competely hates America. I know tons of people who ONLY voted for him BECAUSE he was black. Not because he was qualified or because of merit but because of the color of his skin. By definition, thats racism. Like it or not. It’s a shame that the democrats didn’t feel that any of the black female judges could stand yp to other candidates based on her merit or achievements. They felt the need to water it down so she could rise to the top. That also is racism.

      1. Good spiel, granny! Only problem in your thesis is that White people always vote for White candidates no matter their qualifications. Prime example?? Trump! A candidate with the only qualification was a W

    1. Just like many black and Hispanic people voted for Trump but lived to regret it after he sided with white Supremacists, and called Mexicans rapists. Made fun of disabled people, sided with Putin and threatened Mexico with building a wall and making them pay for it.

      1. He never sided with White Supremacists story. never called Mexicans rapists. He said people crossing the bordere illegally were criminals, rapists and murderers. Context matters. If you’d watxh something besides fake news sites you’d get the whole story.

        1. So the difference between a legal and an unauthorized Mexican immigrant is that one is a criminal rapist and the other is not???? So…when the unauthorized immigrant becomes legal he is instantly not a rapist??? You’re getting tangled up in your own bigoted ideas!

          1. That’s not what I said. However, many that are crossing illegally are rapists and murderers but they’re ALL criminals.

      2. He didn’t make fun of disabled people, he mocked a disabled reporter because the guy was an idiot and made inaccurate comments. Being disabled doesn’t excuse you for lying and presenting propaganda and that includes Biden. He also never sided with Putin. And last but not least, Mexico was indirectly paying for some of the wall because Trump stopped giving them aid. Again, facts matter.

        1. Facts are something you’re always short on, lady! Your political dogma blinds you to you only see “facts” that are in line with your Far-right views and beliefs. Professor Trump has taught you well.

          1. My facts are right on. That’s why I’m always able to back them up with actual INFORMAYION. You just regurgitate leftist propaganda that you hear on CNN and NPR. You’re nothing more than an over-sized parrot.

          2. It’s hard contradicting the tenets of an effective cult leader. If you do you will ostracized by his followers and be in danger of real physical harm. You have no way out. But it is your own doing.

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  8. You have a twisted view of the term Facts. Your Messiah Trump has taught you well. Strange how a weak mind is so easily convinced to believe that lies are facts and facts are lies.

    1. It’s the complete opposite. I do my research. I look things up. There have been times when Trump or anyone for that matter says something that doesn’t ring well with me. So I check. I do research. Sometimes he was wrong. Usually he was right. And many of his “conspiracy theories” are turning out to be true. Sorry that you’re too driven by hate to see it.

      1. No hate. Hate without merit is baseless. What I do hate is based on people and events that are contrary to truth, decency, and fair play. This life is too short to waste it on hate. Regardless, I have never hated any one person. Just their misguided acts.

          1. And you’ve proven by your posts that it is completely based on merit.

          2. Again..I hate no one. Only their misconstrued ideas and juvenile insults. No one on this site has brought me harm. Insults and empty threats are not relevant enough to hate anybody. So I only use my comments to contradict erroneous ideas.

          3. Everyone hates you nitwit since you are such a d.i.c.k. head. Show up at a meeting instead of chickening out and see what happens. You can’t hide forever moron.

      2. The best research is the one that comes from your soul. Not from a TV show or news article. We see and read things all the time. But the best way to understand something is to process it with our clear and unbiased minds and present the finished product to our own inner self.

          1. More power to you. You go your way and I’ll go mine. You have let it be known where you stand. And I have done likewise. That is all.

          2. It will bug you since you got up early today and started ranting. He won you lost.

      1. You are so full of b.s. If that was true all 50 Republican Senators would have voted for her you nitwit. BTW – I bet you haven’t read any of her court decisions either. She is pro pedophile which is good for you since your are one.

  9. This woman doesn’t know what a woman is but she wanted to be the first black woman justice. She will have to recuse herself involving all court actions involving women.

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