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Biden says he will travel to Texas to visit families of school shooting victims ‘in the coming days’

<i>Kevin Lamarque/Reuters</i><br/>U.S. President Joe Biden listens ahead of the signing of an executive order to reform federal and local policing on the second anniversary of the death of George Floyd
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
Kevin Lamarque/Reuters
U.S. President Joe Biden listens ahead of the signing of an executive order to reform federal and local policing on the second anniversary of the death of George Floyd


President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he will travel to Uvalde, Texas, in the near future to meet the families of the 19 children and two teachers killed during a horrific school shooting.

“Jill and I will be traveling to Texas in the coming days to meet with the families and let them know we have a sense of their pain, and hopefully bring some little comfort to a community in shock, in grief and in trauma,” Biden said at the White House ahead of signing an executive order on police reform.

“I think we all must be for them, everyone,” he added.

With 21 dead and 17 others injured, the attack at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde was the deadliest school shooting in almost a decade and shook a nation still reeling from a mass shooting just 10 days ago.

Details about how the shooting unfolded have continued to be released by law enforcement officials on Wednesday as more is learned about the crime. The suspect shot his grandmother, drove to the nearby school, forced his way inside adjoining classrooms and opened fire at a group of kids and faculty. Officers eventually forced their way into the barricaded room and a Border Patrol officer fatally shot him.

Tuesday’s massacre is the second-deadliest school shooting since 2012, when 26 children and adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, and it was at least the 30th shooting at a K-12 school in 2022, according to a CNN tally.

Biden in a national address Tuesday night recalled the Sandy Hook shooting, which happened when he was vice president.

“I had hoped when I became President I would not have to do this again,” he said. “How many scores of little children who witnessed what happened — see their friends die as if they’re in a battlefield, for God’s sake. They’ll live with it the rest of their lives.”

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  1. He should bring $4o billion with him and drop a few million here and there along the way to fortify all schools and promise to take……. criminals and dangerous mentally ill people off the streets and insti.tutionalized… and harsher punishment for illegal activities… Then 99% of bid.umb’s party would be gone… but s.h.i.t. shorts joe won’t do any of that. Then he’ll be off to play who’s the bigger mo.r.on with robert francis o’dork. F.j.b

  2. Uvalde County is a majority Republican Conservative county. The Mayor of Uvalde is a Republican. What makes senile Joe think they want him there to grandsstand and politicize the tragedy. FJB!

        1. january 6th, isnt that when the corrupt fbi put agents into a crowd and got them angry the pushed them into the capitol? yeah i think thats the one you are referring to

          1. is that a challenge? you know where i live and you havent had the cajones to back up your threats against me

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